UP! Mini 3D Printer Review


UP! Mini 3D Printer

7.1 Good

The Up! Mini’s slower printing speed is offset by some interesting design features and an affordable price.

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  • Printing Speed 4.5
  • Build Size 6.5
  • User Experience 8
  • Value 8.5
  • Design 8

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Up! Mini 3D Printer Review Highlights

At 11 pounds and exterior dimensions of under 15 inches (14 x 9.5 x 13.25), the UP Mini is a definite player in the desktop 3D printing game. It had a build capacity of 4.75 cubic inches, and while it does show signs of a technology in early development, it definitely has plenty to boast about.

The Pros

Fully Assembled

The UP! Mini 3D printer review setup was painless. The Up! Mini comes fully assembled, which is great for avoiding a headache induced from several hours of tinkering with hundreds of parts from a build-it-yourself, 3D printer kit, hoping to fit them all together just perfectly, and end up with a functional product.


Not only is start up for the UP Mini quick and easy, this desktop printer features full ABS printing as well as minimum-industry-standard PLA printing (for non-working parts & biodegradable prototyping), giving you more flexibility and choice in construction of you end product.

Lit & Enclosed

Another cool feature we found useful during the UP Mini 3D printer review process is the all-metal enclosure that helps maintain consistent temperature while printing, as well as reducing odor and noise produced in the process. If you prefer a better view, don’t worry; just leave the door and hood open during printing to watch this little powerhouse at work. And with the aid of the integrated LED-lighting, you won’t have to worry about squinting.

UP! Mini 3D printer review

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The Cons


The Up Mini is produced in Beijing, which means that the instructions must be translated for English-literate consumers. Unfortunately, the translation of this printer’s instructions is not always clear, which means that you may be left doing some deductive reasoning. On the bright side, customer service is very responsive, and getting your questions answered shouldn’t be a problem.

Edge Warping

One of the selling features we found during the UP! Mini 3D printer review is its enclosure, which is supposed to keep ABS parts from lifting and warping. However, you may notice some edge warping does occur. If you experience this, try checking the platform’s alignment.

UP! Mini 3D Printer Review Verdict

While the UP Mini is not yet issue-free, it does boast great features, including a price tag of under $1,000 for functionality that traditionally would run far higher.
This may not be the most affordable option if you are simply looking for a new gadget. However, it can certainly be a worthwhile investment for those already in the industry looking for a reasonably priced printer to work with from home.

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