MYNT3D Junior 2 Review

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3D pens are a popular gift idea for creative kids but safety is a top priority! That’s why it’s important to buy a safe, dependable 3D pen you can trust with your child. Does the Junior 2 meet the grade or should you look elsewhere for your child’s 3D pen? Find out in today’s MYNT3D Junior 2 review.

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In-Depth MYNT3D Junior 2 Review

MYNT3D Junior 2 Review Basics

As promised, this 3D pen is absolutely fool-proof! There are just three buttons that control operation. The first button turns the pen on and off, the second button loads and extrudes filament, and the third button unloads filament when you’re finished using the pen. It really is that simple!

Most other 3D pens offer multipe temperature modes or at the very least multiple extrusion speeds. The Junior 2, however, keeps things simple so that even small children can understand. There are also two indicator lights along the top. These lights show battery life and whether or not the pen is heated.

MYNT3D Junior 2 3D Pen Review

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The Junior 2 exclusively uses 1.75mm PCL filament, which is the perfect choice for children. This plant-based plastic is safe to burn, biodegradable, and burns at a relatively low temperature compared to other filaments.

Power management is great with the Junior 2. While most 3D pens only operate corded, the Junior 2 can be charged and used on a battery. Again, this is a better choice for younger children who may get frustrated with a tethered wire.

MYNT3D Junior 2 Review Pros

Very Safe Design

MYNT3D Junior 2 3D Pen Review

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The most important feature here is safety and the Junior 2 cut no corners there. There’s no hot point on the entire exterior of the pen. Even the tip never gets hot enough to cause injury. Additionally, this pen uses PCL filament which is the plastic of choice when printing around children. PLA is also non-toxic and biodegradeable, but prints at higher temperatures. Printing in PCL ensures the lowest possible temperatures, and the Junior 2 ensures no hot parts are exposed.

Built for Tiny Hands

The Junior 2’s design is perfect for children. It’s much shorter than other 3D pens, for example, coming in at about 5.5” long. It’s also much thicker than standard 3D pens, making it easier to control for small hands. The 3-button operation is another great feature that means less micromanaging and more printing.

Battery Powered

This is a rare feature in 3D pens that we wish we saw more often. Most pens come with short cords that must be plugged in to work. This method is restrictive, requiring you to work next to an outlet. The Junior 2, on the other hand, runs on battery and is charged using a common USB cable.

MYNT3D Junior 2 Review Cons

Limited Functionality

In a big way, the Junior 2’s limited functionality is by design. Children shouldn’t be burdened by different filament temperatures or controlling extrusion speed. At the same time, it makes the Junion 2 a poor choice for anyone except children under 12. Even teenagers will be too old for a 3D pen with such limited control.

MYNT3D Junior 2 Review Verdict

MYNT3D Junior 2 3D Pen Review

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Children love 3D pens and 3D pens make great gifts so long as they’re safe to use. The MYNT3D Junior 2 is one of the safest 3D pens on the market and presents absolutely no danger to your child. Its simple operation, non-toxic filament, and battery-powered printing are even more peace of mind for careful parents. Your child can be trusted to use the Junior 2 all by themselves with loose supervision.

We especially love the short, bulky, colorful design which is perfect for smaller hands. It’s clear MYNT3D took the job of designing a 3D pen for kids very seriously. In our opinion, they succeeded.


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