SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Pen Review

9.0 Great

Providing users with fine-tuned temperature and speed control in a comfortable, well-built package, the SCRIB3D Advanced delivers exceptional results for both beginners and experienced users.

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There are a lot of 3D pens to choose from but SCRIB3D believe they have the best option in their Advanced model. Does this pen pass harder inspection or is it an overpriced toy? Read our SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Pen review before spending your hard-earned money to find out if this pen is worth your time.

SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Pen Specs

The SCRIB3D Advanced starts strong with both ABS and PLA filament compatibility, allowing you to choose the best plastic for your project. Of course, this requires precise temperature control, and here the SCRIB3D Advanced also excels. Unlike other pens which only allow you to switch between two temperature options, this 3D pen features full temperature control. Use the temperature buttons beside the LCD screen to set the temperature precisely for any brand of filament.

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Similarly, the SCRIB3D Advanced offers variable speed control. Speed control is important both for your individual drawing style and for achieving certain results while doodling. The SCRIB3D Advanced allows you to increase speed incrementally with the press of a button. There are 8 total speeds to choose from.

When it comes to design, the SCRIB3D Advanced features a typical 3D pen design with a cinched middle. The pen fits comfortably in your hand as you would hold a pencil, and controls are well-placed for use during operation. The body is made of plastic and the nozzle is made from common ceramic.

SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Pen Pros

Excellent User Control

We love the layout of the SCRIB3D Advanced’s controls. Operating the pen is highly intuitive, too. The instructions are clear and simple, and lights on the pen work well to indicate when its properly heated and ready for use.

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Not only is it easy to use, but the SCRIB3D Advanced gives you superior control over your plastic no matter the type. Print at any temperature and at a variety of speeds to achieve top results with any filament.

Multiple Filament Options

Most 3D pens are only compatible with PLA filament, which is good for children and beginners. If you’re more experienced, however, or want a broader range of plastics for your projects, the SCRIB3D Advanced has you covered. Even better, this 3D pen lets you adjust temperature by the degree, meaning you can get the ideal setting for any brand or type of filament.

SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Pen Cons

Flimsy Adapter

This is a common problem we find with many 3D pens, even those designed for an “advanced” market. Sadly, the SCRIB3D Advanced is no exception. This 3D pen comes with a short, thin adapter that’s difficult to replace. Like many other 3D pens, it must be plugged in to work and does not include wireless operation.

Because it’s such a common issue, we don’t hold it too hard against the SCRIB3D Advanced. However, providing a longer, more robust and easily replaceable adapter (such as one with a mini-USB connection) would have set this 3D pen far apart from the competition.

SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Pen Review Verdict

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When shopping for a 3D pen, you want a dependable, long-lasting model with easy operation. The SCRIB3D Advanced clicks all these boxes and more. Our main complaint is that the adapter could be longer and stronger, but ultimately most customers won’t mind this issue. That’s because the SCRIB3D Advanced excels in both performance and ease-of-use. What’s more, the company stands behind their product with a full 1-year warranty and are happy to help with troubleshooting and replacing faulty units. We commend SCRIB3D for the quality of both their pen and their customer service.


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