Flashforge Creator Pro vs Flashforge Creator Pro 2 Comparison


In-Depth Flashforge Creator Pro vs Flashforge Creator Pro 2 Comparison Review

The Creator Pro is one of Flashforge’s most beloved and popular models. No one was surprised to see Flashforge follow the Creator Pro with a successor, but how does the Creator Pro 2 stack up against the original? Today we take a hard look at the Creator Pro vs the Creator Pro 2 so you can make an informed shopping decision. Is the Creator Pro 2 worth the upgrade? Find out in our Flashforge Creator Pro vs Flashforge Creator Pro 2 comparison.

Flashforge Creator Pro Specs

Released in 2016, the Creator Pro was a pioneer in the enclosed-FDM printer space. The print area  measures 8.9” x 5.9” x 5.8” over a heated aluminum print bed. The Creator Pro reaches resolutions up to 100-microns and prints best at average speeds between 30-60mm/s.

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Of course, the most impressive thing about the Creator Pro is the dual-extrusion. This allows users to make multi-colored or dual-material models without needing to change out filaments. Speaking of filaments, the Creator Pro reaches temperatures up to 240C for limited compatibility with both ABS and PLA.

Finally, the Creator Pro features both SD card and tethered USB connectivity and offers a button-operated UI.

Flashforge Creator Pro 2 Specs

Despite releasing 4 years after the original, the Creator Pro 2 shares many of the same features as the Creator Pro. The Creator Pro 2 starts with a build volume of 7.8” x 5.9” x 5.8”, which you may notice is an inch shorter than the Creator Pro. Flashforge use the same heated aluminum print bed for the Creator Pro 2, too.

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Resolutions are also the same, with the Creator Pro 2 achieving layers as small as 100-microns. Similarly, filament options remain the same, as the Creator Pro 2 uses a PTFE-tubed extruder which reaches just 240C. That means you’re still limited to PLA and low-temp ABS.

The UI has been upgraded to a touch-screen, and you still connect to the Creator Pro 2 using tethered USB or an SD card.

Flashforge Creator Pro vs Flashforge Creator Pro 2 Similarities

As you can see from the spec sections, there are plenty of similarities between these printers. The build volume remains pretty cramped, the filament options remain limited, and Flashforge even use the same build plate.

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Apparently, Flashforge didn’t feel the need to improve upon the Creator Pro’s winning design, though a lot has changed in the 4 years since that initial release. Many other printers come with 50-micron resolutions, much larger build volumes, broader filament compatibility, and automatic bed-leveling. The Creator Pro 2 adapted none of these features which are quickly becoming standard.

Flashforge Creator Pro vs Flashforge Creator Pro 2 Differences

So, you may be wondering what has changed with the Creator Pro 2. The main difference is the dual-extrusion system. Where the Creator Pro used two attached nozzles, the Creator Pro 2 uses two independent extruders. That’s an important upgrade which allows for more flexibility and general utility when using dual extruders.

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With independent extruders, the Creator Pro 2 can print two identical models at once and can even print in mirrored mode. Additionally, each extruder is equipped with a scraping platform which keeps the nozzles clean after use. This is especially important when printing with multiple colors, since a dirty nozzle creates inaccuracies in the color fusing. It’s undeniable that the Creator Pro 2’s dual-extruder system is far superior to the Creator Pro.

Flashforge Creator Pro vs Flashforge Creator Pro 2 Verdict

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If we had to choose between either the Creator Pro or the Creator Pro 2, we’d pick  the Creator Pro 2. Unfortunately, that’s about the nicest thing we can say about Flashforge’s newest release.

Yes, the Creator Pro 2’s independent dual-extrusion system is much better than the original, but what else have Flashforge done to bring this model up-to-date? The build volume is unforgivably small, especially considering how large the printer is. The stock PTFE-tubed extrusion is downright disappointing for such an expensive “professional” machine. Even the build plate has seen no improvement and can’t even be removed for easy access to your model.

Instead of buying the Creator Pro 2, we suggest either the QIDI TECH X-Plus or the Tenlog TL-D3 instead. The X-Plus offers a similar enclosed design but offers much more build volume and filament compatibility. The Tenlog TL-D3 is slightly less luxurious but provides comparable dual-extrusion results. Both printers are better investments than either the Creator Pro or Creator Pro 2 at this point.


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