Printrbot Simple 3D Printer Kit Review


Printrbot Simple 3D Printer Kit Review Results

7.0 Good
  • Printing Speed 8
  • Build Size 5
  • User Experience 5
  • Value 10
  • Design 7

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The Printrbot Simple 3D Printer KIT is a great way to get started with 3D printing. If you are mechanically inclined and enjoy the process of tinkering with projects until you reach a desired result, this may just be the one for you.

Now, while the Printrbot Simple 3D Printer KIT is a great product that affordably brings 3D printing within the reach of the general public, it is not without its faults; so, consider these pros and cons, while you deliberate your potential purchase.

The Pros


The Printrbot Simple 3D Printer KIT is light and compact. It weighs a total of 5.25 pounds, has outer dimensions of less than 10 inches (7” x 8” x 9”), and can fabricate designs of up to 4 cubic inches, which makes it a great fit for desktop use, and transportation.


This build-it-yourself printer features a surprising low $299 price tag, which is surprisingly affordable, and makes it great for beginners who are not ready to make a huge investment, or schools who would like to introduce this innovative technology in the classroom without breaking the bank. It’s no wonder why MAKE deemed it “Best Value” in the category of 3D personal printers for 2014.


The Printrbot Simple 3D Printer features high quality construction and parts including NEMA-standard stepper motors, machined aluminum axis rods with linear bearings, and a laser-cut, birch, plywood frame, which is expertly cut and constructed for a clean, sturdy fit and great printing results.

Printrbot Talk Forum

Although not part of the printer itself, the talk forum is a great feature where users can seek assistance from more experienced users, without having to wait for an official response from a representative, which can be a lengthy process for a new company featuring products, which in general, are still in the beta stage, especially once they begin receiving a high volume of support tickets.
Printrbot Simple 3D Printer Kit review.

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The Cons


The instructions provided with the printer are not completely comprehensive, and in some areas are vague and outdated. This may make construction of the printer frustrating for those who are not mechanically inclined. However, the talk forum is a huge help here, and often provides great supplemental information to clarify any issue that may arise.


The Printrbot does not come with any software. However, the company does suggest the use of freeware. Unfortunately, it is not highly compatible with the printer, and sometimes causes unknown errors, which can lead to further frustration.

Printrbot Simple 3D Printer Kit Review Verdict

Overall, the Printrbot Simple 3D Printer KIT, is still a great buy for anyone wanting to try their hand at 3D printing, or looking to add a mobile piece to their collection. For those who are not mechanically inclined, paying the extra $100 for the pre-assembled version may be a better option.

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