QIDI TECH iFast Review

9.5 Excellent

The 3D printer market has been flooded with cheap, barebones machines recently, leaving the prosumer category sparse. Finally, a challenger appears, offering the very best in both customer experience and performance. The iFast opens up a world of possibilities with its huge build space, endless filament compatibility, and out-of-the-box performance. It's simple enough for beginners to use, yet complex enough to satisfy any 3D printing veteran. Buy with confidence knowing that this is the best premium option in 3D printing today.

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In-Depth QIDI TECH iFast 3D Printer Review

This recently-released behemoth of a 3D printer is the largest and most expensive offering from QIDI to date. The iFast makes a lot of promises about filament versatility, quick printing speeds and professional print results but is it too good to be true? We take a comprehensive look at this 3D printer in our QIDI TECH iFast review to help you make an informed decision.

QIDI TECH iFast Specs

This printer may be named for its speed but its most obvious feature is its size. The iFast’s print volume measures 14.1” x 9.8” x 12.5”, putting it in competition with other huge printers like the Ender 3 Max. This printer is also fully enclosed, making it even bulkier. Note that the iFast’s total exterior dimensions measure 28.7” x 20.4” x 24.4” and that it weighs over 70lbs. You’ll need a large and sturdy place to put the iFast so that it remains stable.

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Capable of printing in layers as small as 50-microns and as large as 400-microns, the iFast makes highly-precise models. Print quality also benefits from this printer’s industrial-grade hardware, including a ruby extruder and robust dual-Z rail support. Choose from a wide variety of filaments, including ABS, PLA, flexible filaments like PETG, Nylon, and even metal filaments. That’s because the main extruder reaches temperatures of up to 300C and resists abrasion due to its ruby nozzle.

The print bed is also heated, reaching temperatures up to 100C. Thoughtfully, there’s advanced interior temperature control as well, making it easier to print with exotic filaments. To help with retrieving your models, the print bed is magnetically removable and flexible.

Of course, we can’t forget one of the iFast’s most important features: the dual extruders. While the iFast does not use IDEX (independent dual extrusion), extruder height is adjustable. That means that when you’re using only one extruder, the second extruder lifts to avoid damaging the model.

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Finally, the iFast provides an array of connectivity options, including WiFi, Ethernet, or wireless USB. From there, QIDI included a modern 5” color touchscreen interface for users to prepare their prints.

QIDI TECH iFast Pros

Filament Compatibility

Have you ever dreamed of printing with the most exotic filaments? Ultimately versatile, the iFast prints with almost any filament on the market. A few features make this possible, namely the ruby nozzle and interior temperature control. Equipped with a fleet of fans and powerful heating elements, the iFast is able to maintain stable temperatures within the printer whether you’re printing with the door open or closed. No matter what filament you choose, the iFast provides the perfect environment for a successful print.

It also helps that the iFast uses direct drive extrusion, making it easy to use flexible filaments. Of course, both extruders are direct drive, however both extruders are not capable of reaching 300C. There is a “main” all-metal extruder while the secondary extruder is not all-metal and shouldn’t be used with high-temp (250C+) or abrasive filaments.

Fast, Precise Printing

In addition to being able to print in almost any filament, the iFast is also true to its name. The dual Z-axis rails speed printing up significantly, with users reporting anywhere from 20-40% speed difference compared to other printers. That means that this machine prints about as quickly as a delta model, comfortably producing high-quality prints at realistic speeds of 80-100mm/s.

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Print precision is also fantastic. This is thanks to a combination of hardware, including the axis rail systems, powerful extruders, and advanced temperature control settings. These key features result in models with a smooth finish, flat bottom, virtually zero artifacts and flawless bridging.

Premium User Experience

As you would expect from this machine, the iFast provides a premium user experience for customers of every skill and experience level. It all starts with the sturdy and thoughtful packaging, the excellent instructions, and plug-and-play operation. You can tell by its weight and feel that this is a rugged machine built to last a lifetime, and there are several design upgrades like a door that opens a full 180-degrees and extra-large filament holders which accommodate 5kg spools.

Print quality, as mentioned, is fantastic and there’s no modifications needed to produce exceptional models right out of the box. The large user interface is easy to access, read, and use and it’s so simple to load filament and remove models.

QIDI also provide exceptional lifetime customer service for the machine alongside a 1-year warranty. In fact, all of QIDI’s contact information can be found right on the printer itself!

QIDI TECH iFast Cons

Big and Heavy

Before investing in the iFast, be sure you understand how large it is and how much space it will occupy. It’s also quite heavy, weighing almost 75lbs. Unlike unenclosed printers, the iFast is much larger than its build volume. That means you may need help setting it up and want to put it in a relatively permanent place. If this is a concern for you, consider another large-scale dual-extrusion printer like the Tenlog TL-D3 Pro.


Most manufacturers these days are fighting to make the best, cheapest 3D printer. With that in mind, QIDI made the bold choice to release the iFast as one of the most expensive consumer 3D printers on the market. If budget is a concern, consider cheaper options like the QIDI X-Max, Tenlog TL-D3 Pro or even the Flashforge Creator Pro. Ultimately, however, we believe that if you can afford the iFast, it’s the best prosumer 3D printer available.

QIDI TECH iFast Verdict

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We can’t say enough about this incredible 3D printer! QIDI have impressed us since their last line of amazing printers and their new “i” series is no different. The iFast is a worthy jewel at the top of this company’s crown, delivering everything we wanted and some things we didn’t know we needed in a tidy package.

Where to start? There’s the HUGE build volume, endless filament compatibility, industrial-grade hardware, excellent connectivity options, seamless user experience… the list just goes on! We’re truly impressed with what QIDI have accomplished with this machine and recommend it to anyone looking for a boundless consumer 3D printing experience. Print as big as you like with whatever filament you desire, all at blazing speeds. There’s so much more to love about this printer than we even included in this article, so if you’re interested in checking out the iFast 3D printer for yourself click here!


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