Tecboss 3D Pen Pro Review


The Tecboss 3D Pen Pro allows users to print with up to three different colors at once, immediately setting itself apart from the competition in an interesting and unique way. Is 3D drawing with three different colors all it’s cracked up to be, though? Find out in today’s Tecboss 3D Pen Pro review.

Tecboss 3D Pen Pro Basics

Measuring a voluptuous 7.1”L x 1.7”W x 1.5”D and weighing 4.4oz, the Tecboss 3D Pen is quite large and heavy compared to the competition. For reference, Tecboss’s flagship 3D pen weighs less than half as much and is much slimmer. Keep this in mind, as despite Tecboss showing a picture of a toddler using this device on their sales page, we would not recommend this pen for children due to its cost and complexity. Instead, as the name suggests, this 3D pen is designed for “professionals”, or at the very least, experienced crafters.

More Details ❯

What makes the Tecboss 3D Pen Pro so special? Unlike other 3D pens which only extrude one color or filament type at a time, the Tecboss 3D Pen Pro holds up to three filament colors at once and is capable of printing with multiple colors at a time. This pen also gives you the choice between using ABS or PLA filament, increasing its versatility.

Other features include a sizeable OLED screen (that still manages to feel cramped with all the information on display), six speed settings, and a relatively meager starter kit which contains a PVC sheet to draw on and a few feet of filament.

Tecboss 3D Pen Pro Pros

The Opportunity for Creativity

You know those office pens with blue, black, and red ink loaded inside? Push a lever to drop one color or change to a new one. The Tecboss 3D Pen Pro works almost exactly like these pens, where you push a button to change colors mid-print. The difference, however, is that with the Tecboss 3D Pen Pro, you can actually combine colors and even print in two colors at the same time!

The resulting dual-tone filament is different than anything else we’ve seen on the market. Of course, loading three colors at once is also handy if you just want to print in solid colors. Unloading and reloading filament is certainly time consuming but not with this 3D pen.

1-Year Warranty

Considering most 3D pens don’t offer so much as a 90-day guarantee, it’s nice to see the company include a 1-year warranty for their Tecboss 3D Pen Pro. This grants a bit more peace of mind than cheaper 3D pens from less recognizable brands.

Tecboss 3D Pen Pro Cons


Okay, so having access to three different colors while you 3D print is pretty awesome in theory. In reality, however, that means you have three different coils of filament hanging off the back of your pen at once! That’s not even counting the power cord, which must be plugged into the unit while you draw.

Coupled with the oversized nature of this 3D pen, it can sometimes be difficult to even see your work while you draw. Sure, you could load just one filament, but then what’s the point of having a tri-chrome 3D pen? For some, the convenience of having three colors loaded at once is worth the sheer impracticality of the process. We, however, think it’s distracting at best and intrusive at worst.

No Mini-USB Charger

The Tecboss 3D Pen Pro uses a pin-style power adapter as opposed to a universal mini-USB power adapter. That means it will be more difficult to replace this piece if (when) it breaks or gets lost. There’s also no chance of replacing the 3ft cord with something less restricting.

Tecboss 3D Pen Pro Verdict

More Details ❯

This 3D pen does what is claims to do. That in itself is an awesome achievement. Tecboss not only conceived of this nifty gadget, but they designed and produced a tri-chrome 3D pen that actually works. The problem here isn’t the pen osterreichische-apotheke.com. Instead, it’s more that the reality of printing with different colors at a whim just isn’t practical. If this were a stand-alone 3D printer, sure, but it’s a pen meant to be held in the hand. As such, all the added size, weight, and bouncing filament coils detract from the experience.

Still, if you like what you see and don’t mind working around the aforementioned problems, the Tecboss 3D Pen Pro is a safe buy. With solid construction and a generous 1-year warranty, this 3D pen delivers on its promises. Click here to check the price on Amazon if the Tecboss 3D Pen Pro interests you.


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