Monoprice Delta Pro Review


Monoprice’s Delta Pro is turning heads for its masterful design, awesome features, and sheer enormity. The devil is in the details, though, so we take a closer look at this printer in today’s Monoprice Delta Pro Review.

Monoprice Delta Pro Review Basics

Starting with the Delta Pro’s most impressive feature, this delta 3D printer features a large ø270 x 300 mm (ø10.6 x 11.8 inches) build volume. Notably, unlike more common Cartesian-style 3D printers, which use cubic build areas, delta build areas are cylindrical. Build on a heated glass print bed which benefits from auto-leveling for a perfectly flat surface every time. The heated print bed and quality hotend make it possible to print with a variety of filaments including ABS, PLA, Nylon, and PETG.

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Another benefit of delta printers is that they print much more quickly than Cartesian printers. The Delta Pro performs well at speeds even above 100mm/s, maxing out around 150mm/s. Choose resolutions from 50 to 300 microns depending on the project and the speed you wish to print.

Monoprice Delta Pro Review Pros

Large Build Volume

The Monoprice Delta Pro’s claim to fame is its large print volume measuring almost a foot high and 10.6” in diameter. That’s over 1,000 inches in volume, giving you plenty of space to build projects twice the size of average 3D printers.

Sturdy Construction

Monoprice prides themselves in producing cheap 3D printers with solid construction. The MP Mini Delta and MP Select Mini are both excellent examples of the company’s commitment to hearty construction at a fair price. The Delta Pro is no different. This 3D printer is made almost entirely of metal parts and components sourced from Germany and Japan. No expense was spared in the construction of this 3D printer, which translates into reliable prints with predictable results and less troubleshooting.

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User Friendly Features

As you would expect from the name and price of this 3D printer, the MP Delta Pro includes a number of premium features that make users’ lives a little easier. These features include near silent printing, filament detection, an easy-switch all-metal hotend, exceptional temperature control, and everyone’s favorite: auto-leveling.

Monoprice Delta Pro Review Cons

Enormous Dimensions

Monoprice’s copy for this machine boasts that its build volume is 17x that of the Mini Delta. That’s quite impressive until you realize that the exterior is also many, many times larger. In fact, the Monoprice Delta Pro measures a remarkable 37.5”H x 20.8”D x 20.8”W. That mean this 3D printer is over 3ft tall!

Lackluster Print Quality

If this printer were geared toward hobbyists or beginners, the print quality wouldn’t be an issue. As it stands, however, the MP Delta Pro runs for $1,500MSRP and even has “pro” in the name. That’s why it’s a bit disappointing to see some visible and uneven layering. Additionally, the included glass build plate heats up well but does nothing to help adhere the first layers of your print. That means you need an additive, like tape or glue, to help prints stick. This is especially important since the bigger a print is, the better foundation it needs in order to avoid late-print mishaps.

Monoprice Delta Pro Review Verdict

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Monoprice are well known in the 3D printing industry for making good, cheap printers. Maybe they made the Delta Pro to prove that they can design beyond the budget 3D printer market. Unfortunately, the MP Delta Pro doesn’t quite deliver on its hefty price tag. Sure, it’s big and fast, but the print quality is just average, and that’s IF you even have the space for it in your house. So if it’s impractically large for the home, but doesn’t have the print quality for prosumers or industrial applications, then who is the Delta Pro designed for?

At the end of the day, you can get a better 3D printer for as much or even less money. Looking for a huge build volume? The CR-10S or QIDI TECH X-Max are excellent options. Want to experiment with a delta 3D printer? Monoprice’s own Mini Delta is a fraction of the price with similar print quality. Ultimately, the Monoprice Delta Pro probably isn’t worth your time, but it does meet its claims. That said, if you have the space and don’t mind average print quality with some visible layers and post processing, the MP Delta Pro is a safe, if not expensive, purchase.


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