Scribbler V3 3D Printing Pen Review


Scribbler V3 3D Printing Pen Review

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3D pens are the fun, portable, handheld versions of tabletop 3D printers. They're great gadgets for kids and adults alike to enjoy freedom of expression from anywhere. The Scribbler V3 is widely regarded as one of the best 3D printing pens available, and we uncover why in this Scribbler V3 3D Printing Pen review.

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  • Value 5.5
  • Design 6.5
  • User Experience 6.5

Scribbler V3 3D Printing Pen Review Basics

3D Printing pens are much simpler than standard 3D printers, so they feature different specs. The Scribbler V3 features a ceramic nozzle and uses 1.75mm plastic filaments. Like most 3D pens, this one has a simple filament feeding mechanism, where you insert the filament in the back and wait for it to be fed through the nozzle after the pen has heated. A sizeable OLED screen displays both your speed and temperature settings. The Scribbler V3’s dimensions are 1.2 x 1.5 x 7.3 inches and it weighs just 1.76oz (50g).

Scribbler V3 3D Printing Pen Review

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Scribbler V3 3D Printing Pen Review Pros

Great Design

The Scribbler V3 was clearly designed with ergonomics, safety, and aesthetics in mind. It seems bulkier than other 3D printing pens, but it’s very light and fits the hand nicely. In fact, we found it perfectly balanced for both left- and right-handed individuals. The body of this pen is heat-resistant plastic, while the nozzle is ceramic, and there are no metal parts to overheat. Temperature and speed controls are easy to access while drawing, and the OLED screen displays your selected settings for you to monitor. Finally, this pen is available in a range of fun colors.


Scribbler gives you solid control over your creations with 6 speed options and temperature control up to 200-degrees Celsius. We highly recommend starting on the lower settings to test your new toy. The Scribble V3 is also noteworthy for its ability to print on almost any surface.

Scribbler V3 3D Printing Pen

Scribbler V3 3D Printing Pen Review Cons


Almost all 3D printing pens suffer from frequent clogs without proper maintenance, and the Scribbler V3 is no different. The bigger problem, though, is the OLED screen, which appears to be faulty in some of these pens. Maybe it is the heat, or maybe it is because the Scribbler V3 uses OLED instead of LCD. Some users also complained that the printing element often got stuck and would stop working without frequent troubleshooting. Whatever the reason, the 30-day warranty ensures you can send back defective units for a replacement.

Poor Instructions

The pamphlet included with this pen leaves the fate of your printing experience to chance. It doesn’t give clear instructions on the best temperature and speed settings, nor does it properly show how to fix a clog. We suggest watching some user videos before using this printer for the first time. As with most 3D printing pens, always remember to turn the heating element off whenever you’re not using it (even for a few minutes), and to eject any left over filament.

Scribbler V3 3D Pen Review

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Scribbler V3 3D Printing Pen Review Verdict

With proper maintenance, we found the Scribbler V3 pen to be a joy to use thanks to its easy-to-use design and simple controls. It looks great, feels natural in the hand, and doesn’t get too hot or too loud no matter how long you use it. It’s one of the more expensive 3D printing pens available today, but we think it’s well worth the investment and still quite affordable. 3D pens are no more dangerous than hot glue guns, so are also perfect for kids and teens who can understand the proper care and safety instructions. This solid performer would be a welcome gadget in anyone’s collection.

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