Airwolf 3D HD2X 3D Printer Review


Airwolf 3D HD2X 3D Printer Review

8.0 Very Good

So, you decided it's time for a new 3D printer, a bigger, better model than your starting kit. You're doing the research and want to know how the Airwolf HD2X fairs among the competition for premium home printers. In this AW3D HD2X 3D printer review, we'll discuss the qualities that make this machine a powerful contender, as well as the areas that need improvement.
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  • Printing Speed 7.5
  • Build Size 9.5
  • Precision 8.5
  • Value 7.0
  • Design 7.5
  • User Experience 8.0

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Airwolf 3D HD2X 3D Printer Review Basics

The specs of this machine will make any 3D printing enthusiast’s ears perk up. Perhaps most impressive is the 11” x 8” x 12” build envelope, which allows for 1,150 cubic inches of build space. Of course, larger build area means a larger overall machine, and this printer’s dimensions are sizeable at 24” x 18” x 18”. Print speed is also lightning quick, with the dual extruder nozzles blazing along at 150mm/s print speed and up to 400mm/s move speed. All that speed doesn’t effect resolution, though, as the Airwolf 3D HD2X prints in 60 micron resolution, and has a theoretical 20 micron positioning precision.

Airwolf 3D HD2X 3D Printer Review

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AW3D HD2X 3D Printer Review Pros


Contrary to popular belief, 3D printers with multiple extruders do not print faster on that principle alone. For that to be the case, the extruders would need the ability to move independently. That said, the AW3D HD2X 3D printer is exceptionally fast on its own merits. Printing at up to 150mm/s in minuscule 60 micron resolution, this printer is one of the quickest in its class.

Material Options

Unlike budget printers which limit you to a one or two materials, intermediate and expert printers like the AW3D HD2X have many more options. This printer can use over 20 different materials, including PLA, TPE, ABS, and even nylon and polycarbonate.

Dual Extruders

While not unique to the Airwolf 3D HD2X, dual extruders are not common and provide unrivaled freedom when drafting prints. With dual extruders, you can use two different materials or colors at the same time. Different materials are often helpful when building supports, while having multiple color options gives you greater artistic freedom.

AW3D HD2x 3D Printer Dual Extruders

AW3D HD2X 3D Printer Review Cons


For all its great features and specs, at an MSRP of $3,499.99,  the price of this machine isn’t very competitive with alternative printers like the Lulzbot TAZ 6. Going with a cheaper premium printer may mean losing the dual extruders, amazingly simple LCD setup, and extra-large printing area, but we understand that those are luxuries not everyone wants or needs. On the other hand, the extra money could be well worth this printer’s conveniences.


This printer is quite large and will need a big area to call home. It’s certainly not easily portable, either, at almost 40lbs. We’d like to blame this on the huge printing envelope, but in reality AW3D clearly chose form over function when designing this printer. It looks awesome, but doesn’t make efficient use of space.

Airwolf 3D HD2X 3D Printer Review Verdict

There’s a lot to like about this printer, despite the sticker shock you may experience. You can nitpick issues with the AW3D HD2X, like its bulky size or rigorous cleaning and maintenance requirements, but those things are true of most premium 3D printers. Printers like this are not meant for beginners, but experienced 3D printing enthusiasts will appreciate all that the AW3D HD2X has to offer. Keep this machine clean and well-kept, and it will produce some of the quickest and most precise results of any printer on the market.

Airwolf 3d HD2X 3D Printer Review Verdict

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