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Printrbot prides itself on value and affordability. The company works to create 3D printers that are high quality and low price, making it feasible for an audience beyond that of professional manufacturers to experience the world of 3D printing.

Printrbot strongly supports the open source philosophy and community projects like hackerspaces—community-operated workshops where people are encouraged to learn and explore creativity, hands-on.

Brook Drumm, founder of Printerbot, leads the company’s participation in the movement by making the design files for printers and other proprietary parts available to everyone under a non-commercial Creative Commons license.

The laser-cut birch wood used to create the chasis for most of the company’s printers has become a trademark of the brand, which offers great versatility for anyone interested in owning one of their products. The company sells all of their printers fully assembled, and most are also available as kits, for anyone that would prefer to build their own printer.

Printrbot 3D printers are a great choice for entry-level consumers, and tinkerers are sure to enjoy the kits.