Creality Ender 3 Max Review

8.5 Great

Exceeding the competition in size, performance, compatibility, and price, the Ender 3 Max is an awesome 3D printer. If you need a large build volume without compromising precision, the Ender 3 Max is a budget-friendly option that won't disappoint! It's so good, we even recommend it for beginners thanks to its easy installation and trouble-free printing.

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In-Depth Creality Ender 3 Max 3D Printer Review

Creality are known for releasing printers no one asked for, but that’s not always a bad thing. So, is the Ender 3 Max a hit or a miss? Sure, it’s big and cheap, but is it good? Today we put this large 3D printer through its paces in our Ender 3 Max review to help you decide whether or not to invest.

Creality Ender 3 Max Specs

The Ender 3 Max’s main selling point is obviously its size. With a massive build volume measuring 11.8” x 11.8” x 13.3”, the Ender 3 Max allows you to make huge models and gives more space for creating multiple models at once. Models are built on a heated glass print bed at resolutions up to 100 microns.

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Equipped with an all-metal bowden extruder, the Ender 3 Max has a wide range of filament compatibility. Print with PLA, ABS, PETG, PC, Nylon, and many more. While it’s not the best with flexible filaments, temperature is not a concern when printing with the Ender 3 Max.

Connect to this printer via USB or SD card, and control it using the turn-dial screen Creality customers have come to expect.

Creality Ender 3 Max Pros

Exceptional Value

For well under $400, the Ender 3 Max offers a lot. First, the Ender 3 Max includes a high-quality carborundum glass print bed which resists warping. This print bed won’t need to be replaced for a long time.

The all-metal extruder with dual-cooling fans is another great feature, which allows you better temperature control when printing large models. Temperature management is even more important when printing large-scale models, so we appreciate this feature and also love the all-metal extruder for its ability to print in a variety of exotic filaments.

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This budget 3D printer even comes with some print-saving features like a filament sensor and power-outage protection. If you run out of filament, experience filament breakage, or have a power outage, the Ender 3 Max can recover a print without ruining the existing model.

Basic hardware is also pretty good, including a 32-bit motherboard, a 350W Meanwell power supply, and a silent motor driver which makes this printer surprisingly quiet.

Easy Assembly

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The Ender 3 Max comes in several pre-assembled pieces which require assembly before printing. This is to cut down on price and shipping costs, but has the added benefit of allowing you to become more familiar with your printer. Even beginners should be able to follow the simple included instructions to build the Ender 3 Max in under 30-minutes.

Creality Ender 3 Max Cons

“Unfinished” Design

Most issues with the Ender 3 Max fall under its design. Creality’s much-maligned turn-knob interface looks worse every year, cable management can be tricky and unappealing, and the SD card slot could scarcely be in a worse spot. We’re also not a fan of the exposed power supply. Other large printers allow space to mount the PSU underneath the machine, which looks nicer and is frankly safer.

Manual Bed Leveling

No assisted bed-leveling here, and that’s a pain considering how large the print area is. If this issue really bothers you, you can buy and install a BL Touch Sensor to help. Overall, you might spend more time fine-tuning this print bed than actually building the printer.

Creality Ender 3 Max Review Verdict

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This is a real winner from Creality. How they managed to produce the Ender 3 Max for under $400 remains a mystery, but we suggest you take advantage of this deal! Although a bit “unfinished”, the Ender 3 Max doesn’t feel like a cheap machine. With an all-aluminum frame, solid hardware, print recovery features, and great filament compatibility, the Ender 3 Max has few flaws. We highly recommend the Ender 3 Max for both beginners and 3D printing veterans, as this machine serves well both out-of-the-box or with modifications.


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