QIDI TECH X-Plus Review

8.5 Great

With a sizable build volume, multiple filament compatibility, and tons of extra features to make users' lives easier, what's not to love about the QIDI TECH X-Plus? We uncover the good and the bad in today's QIDI TECH X-Plus review.

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QIDI TECH X-Plus Overview


  • Great Filament Selection
  • Above-Average Build Volume
  • Beginner-Friendly Operation and Easy Set Up


  • Poorly Translated Documentation and Customer Service

QIDI TECH X-Plus In-Depth 3D Printer Review

QIDI TECH X-Plus Review Basics

As the third printer in QIDIs current lineup, the QIDI TECH X-Plus represents a considerable upgrade over the X-Pro, while remaining a bit more affordable than the X-Max. Enjoy a large 10.6” x 7.9” x 7.9” print volume with layers as small as 50 microns. You may also print in a huge variety of filaments from ABS and PLA, to flexible filaments like TPU, or even high temperature filaments like PC and Nylon. The options are endless and the QIDI TECH X-Plus is equipped to handle them all.

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Generous connectivity options include WiFi, Ethernet, and tethered- or untethered-USB. There’s a 4.3” color touchscreen which also makes interacting with your QIDI TECH X-Plus simple. Just remember to read the instructions so you understand all the things this settings menu offers. To prepare your prints, QIDI recommends using their special version of Cura, but you may use any software with the QIDI TECH X-Plus.

QIDI TECH X-Plus Review Pros

Great Filament Options and Accessories

Always innovating, QIDI designed an array of amazing features for their newest 3D printers which make it easier to print with different filaments. Other printers use the same extruder, filament loading system, and build plate regardless of what filament they use. If you want a different build plate surface, for example, you must change it out manually every time you switch filaments.

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Instead, the X-Plus comes with multiple options depending on the filament you use. There are two different extruders, two filament compartments, and even a double-sided heated printing bed. Each option works best either with low-temperature and flexible filaments like ABS, PLA, and TPU, or with high-temperature filaments like PC. The difference these features make means less hassle for users, who don’t need to manually adjust their printer or spend ages altering print settings to make it work with different filaments. It also leads to higher-quality prints.

Above-Average Build Volume

The QIDI TECH X-Plus is just short of being considered an large printer. It sports an spacious build volume of 10.6” x 7.9” x 7.9”, which is larger than your typical 6-8”³ printer. What does that mean for you? Simply put, a bigger build volume means you can print bigger stuff. Models that were designed for smalled printers can be scaled up to show more detail, and you can build larger pieces in general without needing to print in sections. The X-Plus is a great upgrade for anyone who’s been using a smaller or mini 3D printer.

User-Friendly Setup and Operation

For such a complex machine that’s capable of so many different functions, the X-Pro is deceptively easy to get going. Assembly takes a few minutes, and even with poor instructions, it’s easy to follow along. The recommended QIDI slicing software naturally works smoothly with the X-Pro, but this printer even comes complete with profiles for other slicers as well. Either way, you don’t need to fiddle with tricky print settings if you don’t want to. This makes it easy for beginners and novices to get started right away and ease into the more difficult aspects of 3D printing when they’re ready.

QIDI TECH X-Plus Review Cons

Questionable Instructions

While QIDI has been busy developing and innovating their 3D printing technology, one thing has remained the same. Since the beginning, the China-based QIDI TECH has struggled with translation. Although they try to provide somewhat thorough details in the included instruction manual, some of it can be difficult to follow. Poor translation is also an issue when dealing with customer service, or even when referencing their site for spare parts or documentation.

On the upside, the online community of fellow QIDI customers is vast and friendly. You can find the answer to most common queries online from videos, forums, and basic troubleshooting guides.

QIDI TECH X-Plus Review Verdict

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Like the QIDI TECH X-Max, the X-Plus is an innovative machine that takes printing with different filaments to the next level. With all its amazing features and design, you’d be hard-pressed to find another 3D printer under $1,000 to match. There are cheaper 3D printers with large build volumes, like the CR-10S or Anet A8, but the QIDI TECH X-Plus’s superior design and smart convenience features make it worth the added expense. For a versatile, precise, and cleverly designed prosumer-grade printer, we highly recommend the QIDI TECH X-Plus.


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