Elegoo Mars vs Elegoo Mars 2 Comparison


Elegoo Mars vs Elegoo Mars 2 In-Depth Comparison

Elegoo recently released the successor to their affordable, beginner-friendly Mars SLA printer. How does the Mars 2 compare to the Mars, and which one should you buy? We’ll break down the differences and similarities in today’s Elegoo Mars vs Mars 2 comparison.

Elegoo Mars Specs

Starting with build volume, the Mars comes with a pretty standard build volume measuring 4.5” x 2.5” x 5.9”. Although small, this area is competitive with other budget SLA printers. Next, the Mars uses a 2K RGB LCD which supports layer exposure times of about 6-8 seconds.

What the Mars’ 25W lighting structure lacks in power it makes up for in even distribution and overall consistency. The Mars is famous for being a dependable workhorse and you’ll get a lot of hours out of this hardware.

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Connect using the USB port after preparing your files in ChituBox. The Mars’ simple touchscreen interface is simple enough to use and has no glaring issues.

Elegoo Mars 2 Specs

The Elegoo Mars 2 is actually very different under the hood, despite looking so similar to the Elegoo Mars. For example, some much needed millimeters were added to the build area. The Mars 2’s print volume measures 5.1” x 3.1” x 5.9”. Those half inches make a big difference when it comes to fitting as many models as possible on one build plate.

Additionally, the Mars 2 comes with an upgraded 2K monochrome LCD and improved lighting system for dramatically faster exposure times. Compared to the original Mars’ 6-second exposure time, the Mars 2 boasts just 2-seconds. That means much faster prints with less wear-and-tear on your printer.

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Not much has changed with the interface, however. The Mars 2 is still limited to USB connectivity and uses a very similar touchscreen UI to the Mars. One nice QoL update is that the USB port is located in the front of the machine instead of the back. Read more about this printer in our full Mars 2 review.

Elegoo Mars vs Elegoo Mars 2 Similarities

Elegoo changed the cover color from red to green for the Mars 2 and thank goodness they did. Without a different color, you could easily mistake these two printers for the same model. Apparently, Elegoo are choosing not to fix what isn’t broken in this department.

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It is a bit disappointing to see a lack of innovation, though. While the Mars and Mars 2 feature serviceable designs, you’re reminded that they are budget printers every time you use them. These are lightweight SLA printers with thin acrylic covers that pop off awkwardly to reveal a single thin Z-axis rail. Do these printers work? Absolutely, and better than you may expect. Still, we’d like to see some innovation in this department from Elegoo in upcoming models.

Elegoo Mars vs Elegoo Mars 2 Differences

These two printers may look the same but they perform quite differently. Simply put, the Mars 2 prints much faster and produces noticeably smoother, more detailed results compared to the Mars. This is entirely thanks to the new monochrome LCD and COB LED lighting structure. These two upgrades make all the difference and make the Mars 2 a competitive option beyond the Elegoo brand.

The Mars 2 does cost more than the Mars, but the difference is small compared to the improved print quality. In fact, it’s no contest. The Mars 2 even has a larger print area than the Mars, making the comparison even more one-sided.

Elegoo Mars vs Elegoo Mars 2 Comparison Verdict

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Sequels aren’t always as good as the originals but Elegoo made a great step with the Mars 2. This is a much better printer than the original, not just a cash-grab off the success of the original Mars. Whether you’re already an Elegoo fan or are looking for your first SLA printer, the Mars 2 is the obvious choice. It’s just a bit more expensive than the Mars but offers a lot more value for that money. SLA technology is moving fast- don’t get caught behind with the original Mars if you can save up for the Mars 2 instead.


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