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XYZprinting is an international brand set on making user-friendly, cost-effective printers for household and commercial consumers worldwide. Usability for the general public is a driving force behind their designs, and their printers really look the part of consumer-ready products.

The brand is part of the Kinpo Group, a world leader in electronic manufacturing with more than 15 years of experience developing and manufacturing printers.

XYZprinting is a frontrunner in 3D-printing innovation and continuously develops improvements for their next generation printers. Thus far, the company has developed proprietary software and hardware that goes beyond traditional design to provide their customers a positive experience.

Some of the greatest features the brand’s printers boast are automatic calibration, detection for low filament, and an integrated alarm system to prevent burns and other hazards related to exposure to the heated elements and moving parts of 3D printers.

XYZprinting’s printers are on the larger side, but would be a good choice for anyone who has a little extra space, such as a workshop, that they could dedicate to the printer.