Nobel 1.0 3D Printer Review

7.4 Good

Today we review XYZPrinting’s Nobel 1.0 3D Printer. XYZPrinting has been at the forefront in bringing affordable professional 3D printers to consumers around the world. This is one of the first affordable SLA 3D printers. SLA printers use UV lasers to solidify a light sensitive resin, layer after layer, to print the 3D design.

  • Printing Speed 8
  • Build Size 6
  • Precision 8
  • Value 8
  • Design 7.5
  • User Experience 7

Nobel 1.0 3D Printer Basics

The XYZPrinting Nobel 1.0 weights about 21.2 lbs (9.6 kg), and has exterior dimensions of 11 x 13.2 x 23.2 inches (280 x 337 x 590 mm).

The XYZPrinting Nobel 1.0 prints using photopolymer resin. It has a printing resolution range of 300 microns on X and Y axis and a resolution range between 25 and 100 microns on Z axis. The XYZPrinting Nobel 1.0, has a print area of 5 x 5 x 7.9 inches (128 x 128 x 200 mm), and a total usable build volume of 197.5 cubic inches (3.27 L).

Nobel 1.0 3D printer review

Nobel 1.0 3D Printer Pros

Resin Re-Filling System

XYZPrinting’s Nobel 1.0 3D printer monitors the resin level continuously. When the resin is below the optimum level, it can automatically refill the resin tank. This automatic refilling system is an excellent feature which eliminates the requirement of constant monitoring of the resin levels. The resin is supplied in smart resin bottles which are easy to replace make the printer very easy to use.

High resolution

SLA printers use optical lasers to turn resin into objects. This technology enables the Nobel 1.0 3D printer to print with a very high resolution. The resolution of 0.25 mm on the Z axis along with the use of liquid resin as the printing material ensures that the prints are highly detailed, and allows for printing objects with higher levels of complexity.

Nobel 1.0 3D Printer Cons

Proprietary Resin

XYZPrinting requires you to use only its own brand of resin. This won’t be a problem for most as XYZPrinting is known for providing high quality printing materials. The requirement of proprietary resin prevents you from exploring resins of other manufacturers. However, it ensures that there are no defects due to low quality third-party resins.

Resin Tank

The laser of the printer is focused through the bottom of the resin tank. The resin tank will require cleaning to prevent the laser from becoming distorted and thereby altering prints. The tank should be cleaned every time the color of the resin is changed. Alternatively, different tanks can be used for each color.

XYZPrinting's Nobel 1.0 3D printer unboxed

Nobel 1.0 3D Printer Review Verdict

The Nobel 1.0 3D Printer is a high quality, fully enclosed SLA 3D printer. There are not many consumer SLA 3D printers available today. The Noble 1.0 is a great option for those looking for SLA technology without breaking the bank. If you are looking for an affordable SLA 3D printer, the Nobel 1.0 could be right for you.


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