Printrbot Simple 2014 3D Printer Kit Review


Printrbot Simple 2014 3D Printer Kit Review Results

6.4 Okay

The 2014 Simple Kit is another very affordable 3D printer from Printrbot. The Simple 2014 is a low cost 3D printer with basic features.

  • Printing Speed 4
  • Build Size 5.5
  • Precision 7
  • Value 10
  • Design 6
  • User Experience 6

Printrbot has been making some changes to its line up this year, including this updated kit for their reengineered Simple. Let’s review the features of this classic printer, and consider a few of the upgrades in this Printrbot Simple 2014 3D Printer Kit Review.

Printrbot Simple 2014 3D Printer Kit Review Highlights

The Pros


First of all, if you’ve shopped around for this printer, you know that the Simple 2014 Kit is one of the most affordable printers on the market, well under $500.

Aluminum Parts

The Simple, features machined aluminum axis rods with linear bearing and injection-molded gears, for precise movement.

It also comes with a direct drive 6061 aluminum extruder, a Ubis hot end, and size 17 stepper motors, which meet the National Electrical Manufacturers ICS 16-2001 standard.

Speaking of aluminum hardware, the Printrbot’s platform is also made of 6061 aluminum alloy, so you won’t have to worry about the bed warping and causing calibration issues.


At under 6 pounds, this Simple is easy to transport for use and storage in a classroom, or shift for alternate views of the printing process. Although I wouldn’t suggest moving it while a print is in progress.

SD Memory Slot

If you’re not a fan of tethered printing, the Simple’s SD memory slot will allow you the freedom to leave your computer behind. Just insert the SD card containing you designs into the slot and continue with the printing process as usual.

Printrbot 2014 Simple Kit
Printrbot Simple 2014 3D Printer Kit (also available preassembled)



The Cons

PLA Only

Although this printer is designed to be very basic, it is disappointing that the Printrbot Simple is only compatible with PLA filaments, especially since having the option to print in either ABS or PLA has become pretty standard.

Build Volume

The build volume of the Printrbot Simple is limited to 64 inches distributed as 4” x 4” x 4”. This is small compared to the average 5.5 inch build capacity the average desktop 3D printer features.

Assembly & Set Up

One of the biggest cons for this printer is the time you must dedicate to the assembly, set-up, and troubleshooting process, before you can really start creating consistently amazing prints.

Your personal capacity to assemble the printer for optimal results will determine how much troubleshooting you may have to do, but basic assembly time to put together the 200+ pieces and install software is inevitable. I would suggest setting aside at least 8 hours for this.

Laser-Cut Pieces

The classic laser-cut birch pieces this kit features are a trademark for the Printrbot brand. However, these pieces can sometimes be troublesome to fit together. When pieces come together too tightly, it may be best to do a bit of very light sanding.

Putting too much pressure on the pieces or trying to force them into place may leave you with nothing more than broken pieces for your effort.

The Printrbot Simple 2014 3D Printer Kit Review Verdict

So what’s the verdict for this Printrbot Simple 2014 3D Printer Kit review? It’s a great basic printer at a phenomenal price. Anyone in the market for one, who has the patience to assemble it properly, should definitely give it some consideration.


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