QIDI Technology X-PRO vs Flashforge Creator Pro Review


QIDI Technology X-PRO vs Flashforge Creator Pro Review Comparison

The Flashforge Creator Pro’s success has spawned plenty of dupes over the years, including today’s competitor, the QIDI X-PRO. Will the X-PRO prove to be more than just a dupe, or does the original manage to hold its ground? Find out in today’s QIDI Technology X-PRO vs Flashforge Creator Pro review.

QIDI Technology X-PRO Basics

Believe it or not, the X-PRO is not QIDI Tech’s first Creator Pro clone. That honor goes to the QIDI TECH I, not to be confused with the QIDI TECH ONE. Despite a history of poorly-named models, QIDI remains a respected name in the industry for good reason. Known for their solid metal construction and quality components, QIDI machines are built to last.

As for the X-PRO, this 3D printer features an 8.8”x5.9”x5.9” build volume, running just a hair over the Creator Pro. The X-PRO prints at average resolutions between 100-500 microns in low-temp filaments under 240C. It doesn’t take an expert to get expert-quality results from a machine like this, especially thanks to the enclosed build area and heated print bed.

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Leaving nothing to chance, you may connect with this printer through USB, SD card, WiFi, or even Ethernet. Such broad connectivity options are just another example of QIDI considering the end user in their design. Click here to read our in-depth QIDI X-PRO review.

Flashforge Creator Pro Basics

These two printers share many of the same specs, to prepare for some déjà vu. The Creator Pro boasts a similarly lackluster build volume measuring 8.6”x5.7”x5.9” and prints in the same 100-500 micron range. Choose from filaments like ABS, PLA, and PVA to use with the Creator Pro’s dual extruders.

The Creator Pro is actually a bit quicker than the X-PRO on average, printing at speeds up to 160mm/s. But most times, print speed depends on the desired model quality. You can’t rush a great print.

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Speaking of great prints, your model will have the perfect environment thanks to the Creator Pro’s enclosed frame, excellent extruder fans, and heated aviation-grade aluminum print bed. Sadly, this print bed is not removable. The Creator Pro also only offers USB and SD card connectivity, though this likely won’t be a problem for most users. Click here to read our full Flashforge Creator Pro review.

QIDI Technology X-PRO vs Flashforge Creator Pro Review Similarities: Strengths and Weaknesses

Both of these printers share the same strengths and weaknesses. Of course, both share solid metal construction, above-average print precision, and dual extrusion. These are coveted qualities for any 3D printer, and are the reasons why the X-PRO and Creator Pro are rated so highly.

Unfortunately, both of these 3D printers shares the same weaknesses, too. These shortcomings include below-average build volumes, a lack of user-friendly features like auto-calibration, and their limited filament options. Without all-metal hotends, you may only print low-temp filaments like PLA, ABS, PVA, and NinjaFlex. We expect better from printers calling themselves “Pros”.

QIDI Technology X-PRO vs Flashforge Creator Pro Review Differences: Updated Features

At the end of the day, the X-PRO is the newer 3D printer. Since the Creator Pro hasn’t been upgraded since its 2014 release, the X-PRO has inevitably updated some features. Main improvements include the removable, flexible aluminum print bed, a 4.25” color touchscreen, and thoughtful frame. The X-PRO’s door is easier to open and close, while the filament hood provides a larger and safer opening for filament guidance. This is especially important since you must feed two lines of filament, one for each extruder.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the Creator Pro’s design, the X-PRO is clearly superior in a side-by-side examination. It’s worth noting, however, that the X-PRO is significantly heavier than the Creator Pro. The X-PRO weighs almost 40lbs, while the Creator Pro comes in under 25lbs.

QIDI Technology X-PRO vs Flashforge Creator Pro Review Verdict

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At the time of its release, the Flashforge Creator Pro represented the best in consumer-grade 3D printing. With a fully-enclosed build space, all-metal construction, dual extruders, and great filament compatibility for the time, the Creator Pro remains one of the most popular 3D printers today. That said, the Creator Pro’s defining features are no longer as rare as they once were, and consumers are starting to demand more from their 3D printers.

The QIDI X-PRO attempts to address the issue by including some key features like a removable print bed and improved connectivity options. For our money, the X-PRO is a better buy today, or at least until Flashforge releases the Creator Pro’s successor.


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