QIDI Technology X-PRO Review

7.6 Awesome

Representing the latest evolution in QIDI TECH's arsenal of big metal 3D printers, the dual-extruding X-PRO is direct competition for the wildly popular Flashforge Creator Pro. How does this printer stand up to such high competition? Find out in today's QIDI Technology X-PRO review.

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  • Printing Speed 7
  • Build Size 6
  • Precision 7.5
  • Value 8
  • Design 9
  • User Experience 8

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QIDI Technology X-PRO Review Basics

Despite having “PRO” right in the name, the QIDI X-PRO’s specs are pretty average. A durable heated aluminum build plate accommodates an awkwardly-sized 8.8”Lx5.9”Dx5.9”H build space. Use standard resolutions between 100-500 microns to make PLA or ABS models of average to above-average quality. Notably, of course, the X-PRO features dual-extrusion for making multi-colored models.

The QIDI X-PRO comes with their proprietary QIDI Print slicing software, which is helpful for beginners and educators. Even experienced users will find value in this intuitive, yet thorough, software. This 3D printer also offers support for Simplify3D, for which it has a profile, and Cura, for which you must develop your own.

Connecting to and controlling the QIDI X-PRO is a breeze thanks to its many connectivity options. Choose from USB, WiFi, or SD card to upload your G-code and get printing fast using the responsive 4.3” touchscreen.

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QIDI Technology X-PRO Review Pros

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Great Design, Solid Construction

One thing that sets the QIDI Technology X-PRO apart from the competition is its solid aluminum construction and quality components. This 3D printer’s robust hardware contributes to the remarkable stability of the X-PRO, and ultimately improves print quality. Helpfully, the X-PRO comes to your door mostly assembled. Most people start their first print within an hour of opening the box.

With its fully enclosed build space, the X-PRO provides excellent temperature control. The door magnetically seals to the machine, making it easy to open and close. The X-PRO’s clever Turbofan shroud attachment also aids in temperature control. This attachment directs airflow more efficiently over your model for quick, even cooling.

Removable Build Platform

Another defining feature of the PRO-X is its removable aluminum build platform. Removing your finished print from the build plate is usually a stressful moment. It’s impossible to gracefully reach into the printer, and peeling your finished model off can be difficult.

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The X-PRO’s flexible, removable build platform fixes these problems. Simply remove the platform from the build plate when your model is finished. It’s flexible, so you can easily bend the platform to help remove your model. Additionally, models stick very well to this platform without aids like glue or tape.

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QIDI Technology X-PRO Review Cons

Basic Filament Options

Since the X-PRO lacks all-metal extruders, their extruding temperature is limited to 250C. That means you can only really use PLA and ABS filaments with this 3D printer. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem. Most people only use PLA or ABS, especially beginners and educators. We just expect better with a model marketed as “professional” grade. To be fair, this printer’s direct competition, the Flashforge Creator Pro, suffers from similar filament limitations. Thankfully, both of these 3D printers can easily be upgraded with all-metal extruders for use with filaments like nylon.

Manual Bed Leveling

Manually leveling a 3D printer’s print bed is a tedious chore. That’s why many premium 3D printers offer automated bed leveling – the pain-free way to ensure a level print area. Unfortunately, the QIDI X-PRO is not one of them. You must instead manually level the bed when it becomes unaligned. Again, to be fair, the Flashforge Creator Pro requires manual bed leveling, too.

QIDI Technology X-PRO Review Verdict.

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The QIDI X-PRO is a sturdy, accurate 3D printer whose only real fault is not living up to its marketing. These days, professional printers are expected to have certain features that the X-PRO lacks. This printer remembers some modern features, like a flashy touch screen and WiFi connectivity, while ignoring others, like automatic bed leveling. Overall, however, this 3D printer represents a solid, marked upgrade to the competition. See our detailed QIDI Technology X-PRO vs Flashforge Creator Pro review here, or check the X-Pro out for yourself on Amazon.

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