QIDI TECH X-Smart Review


The QIDI TECH X-Smart is the smallest and most affordable printer in the current QIDI lineup. Can it compete with the QIDI’S more advanced printers at such a low price? Find out in today’s QIDI TECH X-Smart review.

QIDI TECH X-Smart Review Basics

Starting with an average-sized build volume measuring 5.9H x 5.9D x 5.9W, the QIDI TECH X-Smart competes nicely with other printers in this price range. Print in either ABS or PLA; the QIDI TECH X-Smart’s nozzle and heated build plate are well-designed to handle either filament. Even tricky filaments like TPU and PETG work great. When your project is complete, enjoy a removable and flexible build plate that makes removing your model easy.

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Build models in resolutions from as small as 50 microns or as large as 400 microns. Print speed is also highly variable, ranging from 30mm/s-150mm/s depending on your needs. Although the QIDI TECH X-Smart allows users to choose their slicing software of choice, including Simplify and Cura, the printer comes complete with QIDI’s own user-friendly software with a profile designed specifically for the X-Smart. Once you’ve sliced a file, connectivity options include Ethernet, WiFi or USB. Interface with your X-Smart via the 3.5” color touchscreen.

QIDI TECH X-Smart Review Pros

Beginner Friendly

The QIDI TECH X-Smart comes almost fully constructed, meaning you don’t need to have a degree in engineering to get started. Follow the simple instructions, level the bed, and start your first test print within an hour of unpacking this printer. We also appreciate when companies like QIDI include optional starter software. This makes it easier for beginners to jump right in without needing to learn about all the various slicer options first. As you gain experience, the included QIDI slicer also offers advanced options for improving your print results.

Awesome Value

While the QIDI TECH X-Smart lacks some of the more advanced features of the QIDI’s more expensive 3D printers, we think it still provides an incredible value at just $400. The X-Smart compares quite favorably against similar printers like the Flashforge Finder or Monoprice Voxel. In fact, although it goes toe-to-toe in specs against the Voxel, the X-Smart’s superior filament loading system and customer support put it a step ahead.

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Excellent Print Quality

Beyond being able to print in 50-micron resolution, the QIDI TECH X-Smart has a lot of great features which contribute to its excellent print quality. The enclosed frame, for example, makes printing with ABS much more predictable and reliable. Printing with PLA is just as reliable since it’s easy to ventilate the space and the interior is set with a multi-directional turbofan for temperature regulation. Finally, all filaments adhere quickly and easily to the build plate, meaning fewer failed prints and less frustration.

QIDI TECH X-Smart Review Cons

6-Month Warranty

3D printers rely on a lot of delicate and precise moving parts. Sometimes those parts break, or even come out of the box warped and unusable. These are problems faced by all 3D printers and the QIDI TECH X-Smart is no exception. That’s why the 6-month warranty on this machine is a little disappointing. Although all QIDI machines come with lifetime support, any replacements or repairs are on your dime after just six months.

QIDI TECH X-Smart Review Verdict

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The verdict is in: QIDI’s current lineup of 3D printers is almost above reproach. No matter your budget or level of expertise, from beginners to prosumers to industry users, there’s a well-made and well-priced printer for you. The QIDI TECH X-Smart is the entry-level option designed for beginners, educators, and those simply looking for a terrific cheap printer.


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