QIDI TECH X-Max Review

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QIDI TECH love pushing 3D printing technology to the edge, innovating every couple years with new feature-packed printers. The X-Max is their largest 3D printer, designed for both industrial use and prosumers looking for the next big thing. How does it measure up? Find out in today's QIDI TECH X-Max review.

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QIDI TECH X-Max Overview


  • Large Build Volume
  • Great Feature List
  • Smart Design Built for Multiple Filaments


  • No Dual Extrusion
  • Large, Heavy Machine

QIDI TECH X-Max In-Depth 3D Printer Review

QIDI TECH X-Max Review Basics

Jumping right into this printer’s strengths, the QIDI TECH X-Max boasts an extra-large print volume of 11.8” x 9.8” x 11.8”, totaling an incredible 1,364 cubic inches. Build enormous models from your choice of PLA, ABS, PC, Nylon, TPU, PETG, and others by alternating between the two included extruders. Extruder A is intended for low-temperature and flexible materials like PLA, ABS, and TPU. Extruder B reaches temperatures up to 300C and is used for abrassive filaments like PC and Nylon.

Achieve layers as small as 50 microns for minute details and smooth finishes on your models. Thanks to excellent temperature and air control with this model, print results are highly precise. The QIDI TECH X-Max is also extremely capable also printing steep overhangs and stable bridges.

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Interfacing with the X-Max is a pleasure due to the numerous connectivity options and large, 5” color touch screen. Connect using WiFi, Ethernet, or USB, using any slicer you like to prepare your files. QIDI, of course, recommends you use their free version of Cura.

QIDI TECH X-Max Review Pros

Large Build Volume

The average full-sized 3D printer’s build volume measures 6-8 inches, cubed. Large or tall models must be printed in pieces and assembled by hand. The X-Max’s extra-large 11.8” x 9.8” x 11.8” build volume, on the other hand, allows you to print large models in one piece, or extremely large models in fewer pieces. Additionally, this size is great for printing masks and other headgear which is too big for most printers.

Great Feature List

This printer is absolutely loaded with features, so let’s get started. First, the QIDI TECH X-Max includes a superb heated, removable, and flexible build plate. This is a feature that’s becoming more common in mid-range and high-end 3D printers because it makes such a huge difference in the user experience. Not only do prints better adhere to the build plate’s special surface, but the flexible nature of it makes removing your finished models very easy.

The purifying air filter is another great feature. This significantly reduces the odor from filaments like Nylon or ABS and assures that harmful particles are caught in this filter before the air is recirculated in your home. This feature works well with the fact that the QIDI TECH X-Max operates at a whisper-quiet 50dB. All this means you can reasonably place this behemoth of a 3D printer anywhere in your home without too much disturbance.

Smart Design

We saved many of the X-Max’s best features for this section. This printer’s smart design takes into account all the challenges facing users who wish to print in exotic filaments. First, of course, this printer comes with two interchangeable extruders: one for low-temp and flexible filaments, and one for high-temp and abrassive filaments. Next, the build plate is also double-sided to account for different filaments. One side is textured and works best with PLA, ABS, and TPU, while the smooth side of the plate is designed for advanced filaments.

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Even more, the QIDI TECH X-Max includes TWO filament loading areas. Load your filament from the inside or the outside of the machine depending on what type of filament you use. Finally, the X-Max can be used as both an enclosed or an open print space as needed. This is truly a versatile machine with clever design choices.

QIDI TECH X-Max Review Cons

No Dual Extrusion

With all it’s great features that simplify printing with different filaments, it’s strange that QIDI ignored the obvious option to offer dual extrusion with this model. This would have been especially helpful for large models which use supports. The supports could easily be printed in dissolvable filaments with one extruder, and another main filament with the other extruder. This is a sorely missed opportunity by QIDI.

Large Exterior Dimensions

While most 3D printers fit comfortably on any desk, the QIDI TECH X-Max is much larger. Before bringing this 3D printer home, be sure you have room for this 62lb behemoth. The QIDI TECH X-Max’s dimensions measure 22.8”W x 20”D x 21.7”H, or an almost 2-foot cube. Take this into serious consideration before pulling the trigger on this printer.

QIDI TECH X-Max Review Verdict

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QIDI TECH never ceases to amaze us with their dedication to improving the design and functionality of their printers. With each new machine, the company clearly learns from their successes and failures. The QIDI TECh X-Max is a great example of how each QIDI printer keeps getting better. There’s almost nothing to dislike about this extra-large 3D printer, so long as you have the space for it. Of course, there are also cheaper 3D printers with similar build volumes, like the CR-10S. Ultimately, however, you get what you pay for. If you want a large 3D printer that’s painstakingly designed to print with almost any filament, the QIDI TECH X-Max is an excellent choice.


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