Consumer 3D Printers Go Global


Consumer 3D printers are a relatively new development. For years, companies have utilized 3D printing in the form of rapid-prototyping. Currently, consumer 3D printing is experiencing a renaissance which began in 2010. Now that affordable consumer 3D printers like the Printrbot are on the market, 3D printing more accessible than ever before. Yet few expected this technology to spread so rapidly in such a short time, but consumer 3D printing is now a global reality.

Consumer 3D Printers Reach Cambodia

MakerBot consumer 3D printer in Cambodia
When most think of 3D printing, they think of the wealthy nations of the world, but this technology has touched every corner of the globe. Cambodia is the most recent example of this. Thanks to Cambodian-American brothers Ki How Tran, 23 and Ki Chong, 26 – The Kingdom of Cambodia has received its first publicly available consumer 3D printers.
Ki How and Ki Chong have founded Arc Hub. A 3D printing hub located in Phnom Penh. The goal of Arc Hub is one of education. The brothers plan to provide classes on the software aspects of 3D printing beginning January 2014. Ki How and Ki Chong hope to one day provide additional classes covering the construction of 3D printers as well. The Ki brothers hope to provide their fellow Cambodians with the opportunity and ability to keep pace with the recent advancements in consumer 3D printing technology.
3D printing offers a great opportunity for Cambodia which has historically relied on its neighbors China and Vietnam to produce goods. Goods produced in those countries incur higher costs due to shipping and other inefficiencies associated with the traditional manufacturing process. The Ki brothers plan to assist their fellow Cambodians by one day subverting these manufacturing costs and reducing Cambodia’s dependence on the manufacturing capabilities of its neighbors.
The global goal of consumer 3D printing is to on day allow consumers to print objects from home, or at a centralized hub. The Arc Hub is an important step in Cambodia’s realization of this goal.


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