3 Top 3D Printer Questions Answered


3D printing is quickly becoming one of the most popular and growing areas of technology. You might be interested for any number of reasons. You might be thinking of starting a business and need to do some quick and cheap prototyping, or you want to use the printer to manufacture quick home-related parts, or you have some other clever way of taking advantage of this new technology. Here are the top 3 questions we receive from people wanting to buy a 3D printer is right.

[quote]”Do I need 3D Modeling Knowledge to use a 3D printer?”[/quote]

No, you do not need 3D Modeling knowledge to use a 3D printer. There are communities online which provide the 3D printing designs that you need to print, so you wouldn’t necessarily need to have 3D drafting experience. If on the other hand, you want to do something unique, knowledge of how to create 3D models is necessary to create the files you’ll send to your 3D printer. If you like creating things, and are a bit tech savvy, then you should be able to learn to use a basic 3D modeling platform without much bother.

3dtin.com 3D modeling platform preview

[quote]”How Big Are 3D Printers?”[/quote]

3D printers have gotten a lot smaller over the last three or four years, but they still take up a fair amount of space. And all of them require a flat surface to properly function. Make sure that you have a decent amount of desk space before you make your purchase. For example, one of the hottest selling 3D printers available now is the FlashForge Creator. The dimensions of the creator are: 12.6 x 15 x 18.4 inches.
Flashforge Creator specs

[quote]”How Much Should I Invest In a 3D Printer?”[/quote]

If you’re planning on using the 3D printer for commercial enterprises, then you will probably be able to justify a more expensive printer. If you’re using it for personal reasons, a cheaper printer might be best until you know for sure how to use it and what you’re going to be using it for.


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