Artifex 3D Printer Review


Artifex 3D Printer Review Results (Fully Assembled)

8.2 Great

The 3DMakerWorld Artifex 3D printer is one of the best designed RepRap style 3D printers available today. The large build volume of the Artifex 3D printer makes it one to consider.

  • Printing Speed 7.5
  • Build Size 8
  • Precision 8.5
  • Value 7
  • Design 9
  • User Experience 9

Is the 3DMakerWorld Artifex 3D printer right for you? You may not have made your final decision on this point yet, or perhaps your just starting your investigation. Either way, good, thorough research can be a huge help, so let’s get to the 3DMakerWorld Artifex, fully-assembled, 3D printer review.

Artifex 3D Printer Review Highlights

The Pros

Large Build Volume

One feature that definitely stands out for the Artifex is its build capacity. This 3D printer is able to print designs with a volume up to 827 cubic inches (distributed among a 7.5” height, a 9” width, and a 12.2” depth). Those are specifications you’re not likely to see in other desktop printers on the market today.


Aside from attaining a larger-sized print, you can expect good resolution. While most 3D desktop printers are likely to have a resolution range of between 100-400 microns. The range on the Artifex is between 50 and 300, meaning that, while you still have the option to print a quick prototype, if you’re looking for greater precision, this printer may just deliver what you’re looking for.

Heated Platform & Cooling Fans

To help your printing run smoothly, 3DMakerWorld’s Artifex 3D printer also has integrated heating and cooling elements. To maintain a stable temperature during the printing process, the build platform features a heater, which can reach a temperature of up to 120° C.

And to help cool off the filament drive, print surface, and electronics, when needed, engineers also integrated three, 24V fans. These features will certainly ease the burden of maintaining safe and effective temperatures. This will, in turn, extend the life of your 3D printer.

Artifex 3D Printer Review
The Artifes 3D Printer features a newly designed Heated Build Platform


The Cons


During the Artifex 3D printer review we found several worthwhile features, such as encased wiring. One of the biggest drawback for consumers will surely be the price. Which will scare off some consumer from this future rich 3D printer.

Aesthetic Appeal

The aesthetics of this model are lacking. 3D printers are still finding their way in the consumer world, and many of the printers on the market still have a very prototype-esque, unfinished look to them.

However, appealing to a mainstream market will require more than just seamless function; visual appeal could have been a great asset for this printer.

Open Platform

Having an open platform allows for price reduction, but everything has its cost. During the Artifex 3D printer review, we noticed this design choice lends itself to a host of issue, unless the user is very meticulous in its care.

Considering that almost all elements of the printer mechanics are open and vulnerable to impact or contamination, it’s not a far stretch to imagine an accidental spill or collision leaving it out of commission, at the very least, until it can be repaired.

Artifex 3D Printer Review Verdict

If you’ve already dabbled a bit in the 3D printing arena, and this printer has a feature you’ve been searching for, this 3D printer is worth the investment. The Artifex 3D printer review was made easy due to its many added features.


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