HICTOP RepRap Prusa I3 MK8 3D Printer Review


HICTOP RepRap Prusa I3 3D Printer Review Results

7.3 Great

Before you jump into buying a 3D printer, you need to ask yourself, which is that one printer that can take your ideas and designs to the next level? Well, it goes without saying that the difference between a good 3D printer and the best 3D printer is day and night. In searching around for the best 3D printers to showcase some of my innovative ideas and designs, we found that the new HICTOP RepRap Prusa I3 MK8 3D Printer falls within a class of its own.

  • Printing Speed 7
  • Build Size 7
  • Precision 8
  • Value 8
  • Design 7
  • User Experience 7

Feature-rich and versatile, this printer demands the consideration of all creative hobbyists. This comprehensive review of the HICTOP RepRap Prusa I3 MK8 3D Printer goes into more detail on what makes this a top 3D printer to consider for new and experienced users, alike.

HICTOP RepRap Prusa I3 MK8 3D Printer Basics

The HICTOP RepRap Prusa I3 MK8 introduces versatility in 3D printing. It supports ABS, PLA, Wood, HIPS, and Flexible printing materials giving you a variety of filaments to experiment with. The MK8 has a maximum build size of 677.446 inches which is large enough for the kind of 3D objects printed by most hobbyists.

It’s compatible with several operating systems including XP, WIN7, WIN10 and even MacOS. Now for the selling point, it can DETECT and ALARM you to add filament, and as soon as the filament is reloaded it will proceed with projects.

Hictop Reprap Prusa i3 MK8 3D Printer Review

HICTOP RepRap Prusa I3 MK8 3D Printer Pros

MK8 Multi-Filament Compatibility

Tied to the matter of what printing material to use is one fundamental question: What is it you want to print in 3D? The quality of the final 3D object you would want to print depends on the type of filament used. Luckily for you, the new HICTOP MK8 3D Printer gives you the ability to print objects using multiple filament types.

Although the recommended filament is PLA, you are free to explore the creative potential of fabricating 3D objects using other filaments, particularly ABS, Wood, and HIPS, which are all supported.

MK8 Print Area

3D printing by itself is a revolution that is here to transform every aspect of our life. And its beauty lies in transforming a design to an actual object right there then. Keeping this in mind, the MK8 3D printer features a large print area (printing size 10.6″ x 8.3″ x 7.7″) with a sturdy constructing giving you sufficient build-pace to build something bigger.

A small print area limits the maximum size of your print. But, the bigger the available space, the better. Therefore, if you want to show off the wonders of 3D printing to your friends or colleagues, the build area is large enough to accommodate any plus size object that you intend to print.

Print Quality

The final quality of your print depends on the thickness of the layers you use as well as the precision of the extruder. The printing speed also plays a role in print quality. With a layer thickness of 0.1 to 0.4mm, an XY axis positioning accuracy of 0.011mm and Z axis positioning accuracy of 0.004mm, the MK8 ensures a high print quality. Additionally, the Standard extruder diameter of 0.4mm and 120mm/s printing speed offer more precise builds.

HICTOP RepRap Prusa I3 MK8 3D Printer Cons

Wireless Connectivity

Although MK8 provides SD card slots from which you can load and print 3D object files without the need of a computer connection, the downside is that it adds an extra step which is transferring the files to your card. The beauty of technology is diversity and making life easy and in this spirit, it would be nice to see HICTOP incorporate several connectivity options. A HICTOP MK8 3D printer that offers wireless connectivity is not such a bad idea.

Overwhelming Giant Box of Parts

A DIY Self-assembly is a good idea as far as shipping is concerned. However, too many detached parts make assembling more complex especially for anyone who is new in 3D printing. Inserting the print plate, tightening few screws here and there, and calibrating the machine should be as easy as specified in the assembly instructions. If HIC Technology can come up with printers that are ready to print from the box, that would be a big plus.

HICTOP MK8 3D Printer Review Verdict

If you’re anything like me, you love designing and creating things; then you know how important it is to have a great printer at your disposal. Designing is one thing, but the actual value comes from the actual object, and HICTOP MK8 3D printer is that printer that can help you realize the “magic” of modelling brought about by 3D printing .

Despite the few drawbacks which have nothing to do with performance, the HICTOP RepRap Prusa I3 MK8 3D printer is a fantastic 3D printer and an inexpensive option for those who want to get into 3D printing.


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