3D Printed Karlie Kloss Travels Around the World


What’s the future of 3D printing and scanning in the realm of fashion? Vogue explored the possibilities during “Karlie Kloss’s Epic 3-D Fashion Adventure” a project that had several very well dressed Karlie Kloss prints landing at locations foreign and domestic, for photo shoots at several of the most well-known landmarks in the world.

Karlie Kloss 3D printed model


Vogue’s Collaboration for the 3D-Printed Model Project

The Vogue project was a collaboration with Direct Dimensions, who provided the three-dimensional scans of Karlie using a 20-foot circular booth housing about 100 cameras, which simultaneously capture image data that is turned into 3D models for printing, and Shapeways who printed the fifty mini models.

Karlie Kloss 3D scanning


Travel and Photography for 3D-Printed Karlie Kloss

3D printed Karlie Kloss at the Great Wall

The miniature Karlie Kloss figures were then shipped to a variety of locations, where fashion photographers snapped shots of her. Locations included the Great Wall of China, the Panathenaic Stadium, the streets of Japan and Malaysia, and of course, Times Square. She even made it to the moon!

Karlie Kloss on the moon


The Future of Modeling with 3D-Scanning Technology

Artec3D, who specializes in capturing and processing 3D surfaces already offers 3D scans of the human body as well as basic shoe forms for use in medical and media design applications.

Karlie Kloss 3D scanning

The technology exists. The question now is, will models soon be selling their services in the form of a body scan, and will designers be sending out scans of their products in lieu of physical samples?

Karlie Kloss on the Future of 3D Scanning Technologies

Karlie Kloss looks to the future of 3D technologies in fashion with a playful optimism. She told Vogue, “Maybe I’ll have a 3-D print of myself that a company will use for their advertising campaigns and I will never have to show up to work, which sounds like a good deal.”


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