Top 3D Printing Pens


As 3D printing technology has become more widely accepted and innovations in the industry have pushed acceptance forward, exciting advancements have introduced new ways of using 3D printing to create. The exciting possibilities of the 3D printed world are expanding in every direction.

One of the items that has been introduced and is making its mark on the 3D printing marketplace is the 3D printing pen. With the power of 3D printing technology and the adaptability of a simple writing utensil, the 3D printing pen brings small projects to life. If you can imagine it and draw it, it can become a 3D object.

The 3D printing pen does not require any software or computer programming. The pens are designed to plug into a regular power source, heat either ABS or PLA filament and then extrude the quick-cooling plastic as you draw any shape or object. The final result is a solid, stable creation of your imagination without any 3D programming knowledge required or CAD software use.

There are several models of the 3D printing pen currently available. Each model uses heated filament that travels through the pen and comes out of a hot, metal tip. While the pens are easy to use, it is not recommended that children use them as the internal temperature and metal tips can be extremely hot.

Cost of a 3D Printing Pen

On average, a 3D printing pen will cost between $99 and $150. The price difference is based on manufacturer cost as well as what is included with the pen. Some pens have multiple filament colors included with the original purchase, while others require a separate purchase for filament.

Looking for a 3D printing pen pack will get you the 3D printing pen and filament to begin projects right away and, even though you will be spending a bit more at first, you will be ready to start the second your package arrives.

Choosing your 3D Printing Pen

There are three things to consider when choosing your 3D printing pen:

1. Type of filament –which will determine the ease of replacement for additional projects
2. Customer reviews – which will help you understand the features and potential problems of the pen before purchase
3. Manufacturer – which will help you choose a high quality pen using great technology

If you are looking to purchase a 3D printing pen, here are a couple that are on the market to get you started:

The 3D Doodler

3Doodler 3D Printing Pen

The first 3D printing pen that entered the market is the 3D Doodler and it is still getting great reviews.

It takes about a minute for the pen to warm up and be able to accept the plastic feed that will be used for your creation, which is no time at all.

The pen comes with two speed settings and two temperature settings, allowing for a variety of projects including ones with more detail. It also accepts both PLA and ABS plastic filaments sized at 3mm, which are standard and easy to find on the market.

Overall, the 3D Doodler is a great choice for a 3D pen purchase.

The YaYa 3D Arts and Crafts 3D Drawing Pen

YaYa3D arts and crafts drawing 3D printing pen

Designed to be a lot like the 3D Doodler but has some key differences that will affect your purchase.

First, it takes 1.75mm ABS filament material only instead of being able to work with both PLA and ABS. The 1.75mm ABS can be bought and shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Like the 3D Doodler, there is a short warm up time for the pen, and then projects can be started. It also comes with a 2-speed control for the extruder, which will help with a variety of projects, but does not come with varying temperature controls at this time.

The Myriwell 3D printing pen

A less expensive version of the above. It uses 1.75mm ABS filament only, but operates similarly to the above 3D printing pens.

The Myriwell 3d printing pen is not as widely used, yet, and so there have been limited, but positive reviews. Purchasing this pen will save you money, but there are still unknowns about its effectiveness and efficiently as well as the features and how easy it is to use in comparison to the 3D Doodler and the YaYa 3D Arts and Crafts Drawing Pen.


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