Tecboss 3D Pen Review


Tecboss 3D Pen Review Basics

The Tecboss 3D Pen (SL-300) comes individually packaged in a box along with several helpful accessories. Two things are immediately apparent when you hold this 3D pen for the first time. First, you notice how light the Tecboss 3D Pen is, weighing under 2oz. It’s one of the lightest 3D pens we’ve ever used, which really makes a difference during long projects.

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The second thing you notice is that despite being so light, the Tecboss 3D Pen feels well made and sturdy. There’s no creaking or rattling plastic as you may find in cheaper 3D pens. At this point, you’ll also notice how comfortable the Tecboss 3D Pen feels in your hand. The smart, curved design fits the crook of your hand and places your fingers at easy access to all the pen’s buttons.

Operating the Tecboss 3D Pen takes some getting used to but everything is intuitively labeled. Two buttons on the right side control extrusion speeds with eight different speeds to choose from. Left-side buttons work to extrude or unload filament. Finally, two buttons on either side of the OLED screen control temperature and filament selections. Choose from either PLA or ABS with this 3D pen.

The Tecboss 3D Pen plugs into any USB outlet, which is helpful except for the fact that the cord is only 3ft long. For this reason, some users pair their Tecboss 3D Pen with a power bank.

Tecboss 3D Pen Review Pros

Good for Users of Every Skill Level

Most people are up and running within a few minutes of opening the Tecboss 3D Pen. The instructions contain some poor translation but are still simple enough to follow at any age. The Tecboss 3D Pen also comes with an excellent selection of accessories, including two colors of filament, finger protectors, a scraper tool, and stencils.

Perfect for beginners, we also think the Tecboss 3D Pen makes a great choice for more experienced users. With an unrivaled eight total speed settings and temperature fine-tuning between 160°C and 210°C, experienced users can really customize their experience. This rugged pen also runs for up to an hour at a time with just one short break.

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Great Customer Service

The attentive customer service at Tecboss is refreshing when compared to the “take-their-money-and-run” style of customer service other 3D pen companies provide. Not only does the Tecboss 3D pen come with an outstanding 12-month warranty, but the Tecboss staff are dedicated to providing swift, helpful lifetime technical assistance.

Tecboss 3D Pen Review Cons

Short Power Cord

It may seem like a small complaint, but the Tecboss 3D Pen’s 3ft cord feels limiting depending on your work area. If you’re lucky, you’re right next to an outlet. If you’re unlucky, you’ll need to plug into a power bank or other USB device. We personally would have been happy to pay a couple dollars more for a longer power cord.

Tecboss 3D Pen Review Verdict

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After reviewing this 3D pen, we’re happy to report that the Tecboss 3D Pen earned its place as one of the most highly rated and most popular 3D pens on the market today. Featuring user-friendly operation, a smart, comfortable design, and coming complete with a 12-month warranty and all the accessories you need to get started, this pen has very little d. Whether you’re looking for your first 3D pen or want an upgrade to your current pen, the Tecboss 3D Pen is a strong choice.


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