Robo R2 vs LulzBot Mini Comparison


In this review we look at the Robo R2 vs the LulzBot Mini, two of the most popular 3D printers in the price point. Which gives you the most bang for your buck? Find out in today’s Robo R2 vs LulzBot Mini comparison.

LulzBot Mini vs Robo R2 In Depth 3D Printer Comparison

Robo R2 vs LulzBot Mini 3D printer Comparison results

Robo R2 Basics

The Robo R2 gives users plenty of build space and filament options to experiment. The removable, heated PEI supports a total build space of 8”x8”x10”. Slow print speeds (suggested 16mm/s) can be overlooked in light of high print resolutions. Print ultra-fine layers from 20-500microns in over 30 different filaments.

Robo R2 3D Printer - To Buy a 3D Printer

More Details ❯

Although very stylish, the Robo R2 is pretty big at 16.7”x16.6”x23.7”. Make sure you have space on your desk, but you’ll be happy to know it runs quietly. Choose from either WiFi or untethered USB connection when it’s time to get started. Read our full Robo R2 3D printer review.

LulzBot Mini Basics

The LulzBot Mini may look like the less evolved printer in this comparison but keep reading before judging this book by its cover. This juggernaut among mini 3D printers utilizes a 6”x6”x6.2” build space, sharing a similar heated PEI build plate as the Robo R2.

Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer - To Buy a 3D Printer

Also like the Robo R2, the LulzBot Mini prints at incredible resolutions from 50-500microns. The exception is that the LulzBot Mini prints much quicker at speeds up to 275mm/s.

This 3D printer’s hot end reaches temperatures up to 300°C, meaning you can print in just about any filament. Unfortunately, you’re limited to tethered USB connection for printing. Another slight inconveniences is that the LulzBot Mini uses 3mm filament instead of the more common 1.75mm. Read our full LulzBot Mini 3D printer Review here.

Robo R2 vs LulzBot Mini Comparison: Ease of Use and Print Quality

Both of these 3D printers has been designed with beginners in mind. They’re both print-ready out of the box, and you can have your first print running within half an hour. Both also include convenience features that take a lot of the manual work out of 3D printing. The Robo R2 and the LulzBot Mini, for example, both offer print bed auto-leveling.

The Lulzbot Mini also includes an self-cleaning nozzle, while the Robo R2 offers a mobile phone app for wireless print monitoring via the on-board camera.

In addition to being easy to use, both of these printers are also capable of enviable print quality in a number of stress tests. Overhangs, bridges, points, arches, and minute resolutions print beautifully in a wide variety of filaments with these two 3D printers.

Robo R2 vs LulzBot Mini Comparison: Reputations

We could talk about the physical differences between these 3D printers, like how the Robo R2 is enclosed for a more controlled print environment, or how the LulzBot Mini is made with heirloom-quality construction. The differences in these printers pale, however, to the difference between the two companies.

LulzBot is arguably the most popular and trusted brands in 3D printing. The name is synonymous with unshakable construction, top-rated customer service, and unbeatable print quality. Robo 3D, on the other hand, has a different history. First, they’re suspected of deleting reviews on their website, posting fake reviews on other sites. Worse, they’re known for regularly sending out broken or nonworking printers. That’s unacceptable for such an expensive machine.

Robo R2 vs LulzBot Mini Comparison Verdict

It’s a shame that the Robo R2 doesn’t live up to its high ambitions. With so many quality control issues and shady business practices, we can’t wholly recommend the R2 to anyone. It does have more build space and much better connectivity options than the LulzBot Mini, but unless those are your top priorities the Robo R2 isn’t worth the risk.

Save a couple bucks and choose the LulzBot Mini. This great little printer is ideal for ever experience level and has similar print quality to the greatly celebrated LulzBot TAZ 6. Importantly, LulzBot is also a trusted brand with a large community of makers and enthusiasts.


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