QIDI Technology X-Maker Review

8.5 Great

With a focus on plug-n-play, user-friendly operation, and solid construction, QIDI rarely misses with their new offerings. Today we look at the X-Maker to see if it lives up to the other great printers in QIDI’s X-series. Our QIDI Technology X-Maker review puts this printer through its paces for an honest assessment.

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QIDI Technology X-Maker Review

QIDI Technology X-Maker Review Basics

This enclosed 3D printer starts with a small-to-average build volume measuring 6.6”W x 5.9”D x 6.2”H. While not quite a mini printer, the print area may surprise you considering the printer itself stands about 15-inches high and over 18-inches wide.

As with all X-series printers from QIDI, the X-Maker is capable of very fine prints. Achieve layers as thin as 50-microns for some of the smoothest models possible on FDM printers. The X-Maker also features a convenient removable, magnetic build plate and heated print bed. This makes removing your models a breeze with no scraping required.

QIDI X-Maker review

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Make models from PLA, ABS, TPU, or PETG filaments. This is an awesome selection that includes flexible plastics. Those familiar with Cura will be quick to learn the QIDI Print software included, but beginners will also appreciate how easy it is to learn, especially the “educational” version designed for kids and novices.

Lastly, the X-Maker is a joy to operate. You may connect from a range of options including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB stick. Once connected, control the printer using the 3.5” color touch screen.

QIDI Technology X-Maker Review Pros

Awesome Value

For under $300, this 3D printer offers a terrific value for beginners. As a totally plug-n-play machine, you need only to read the included instructions (found on an included USB drive) to understand the simple set-up like loading filament and aligning the print bed. From there, the X-Maker produces excellent results with little intervention thanks to its quality hardware and solid construction.

Beginner and Child-Friendly

QIDI Tech X-Maker 3D Printer - Project 3D Printers

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The X-Maker is an enclosed 3D printer, like all of QIDI’s machines. Although enclosed printers are larger than open ones, they offer several benefits. For example, there’s no exposed wiring or hardware. All heating elements are also safely contained during printing. Finally, enclosed printers make less noise, and the X-Maker offers near silent operation at well below 50dB. This is perfect for use in classrooms and home offices.

All this makes the X-Maker a safe choice for both adult and children. It’s easy for anyone to understand this printer, too. It’s fully assembled out of the box and the helpful educational software and intuitive interface get you printing right away. There’s even an included workbook to teach children the basics of 3D printing and how to make their own models.

While we still recommend supervision while children use this printer, the X-Maker is a safe and simple machine anyone can use.

QIDI Technology X-Maker Review Cons

Small Build Volume

Especially consider the X-Maker’s exterior dimensions, the actual print volume is pretty underwhelming. It’s a bit bigger than a mini 3D printer and will be good for beginners, but you may want to upgrade to a larger machine in the future. Consider the X-Pro or X-Max instead if you need more space upfront.

QIDI Technology X-Maker Review Verdict

QIDI X-Maker review

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The X-Maker is one of our new favorite recommendations for new makers. At under $300, the X-Maker offers a huge value. You get a solid machine with quality components, a life-changing build plate, tons of connectivity and filament options, and it prints amazingly right out of the box. What more could you ask for? And while the build volume is smaller than any other X-series printer, what it lacks in size the X-Maker more than makes up for in overall performance. This is an awesome printer we’d recommend to almost anyone.


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