LulzBot Open Source Desktop 3D Printers


Since their founding in 2011, Aleph Objects, Inc. the maker of the LulzBot line of 3D printers, has been dedicated to shattering the technology box and empowering buyers. Through innovation and openness they are putting freedom, ingenuity and creativity back in the hands of their hardware and software users.

LulzBot Open Source 3D Printing

Aleph Objects, Inc. is committed to free and open design as a recognized Libre/Open Source hardware company with the only 3D printer certified by the Free Software Foundation. They also have active partnerships with open source software companies working in 3D printer development.

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Their most recent open source software partnership is with MatterControl and other open source tools come from FreeCAD, Libre CAD, Blender and Slic3r, among others.

Their dedication to user freedom extends into the LulzBot 3D Printer brand. LulzBot is more than a 3D printer maker it is a company with a vision to make 3D printers as collaboratively as possible.

3D Printing Community Involvement

Through their active online forum, LulzBot sees the ingenuity and hears the ideas of both new and more seasoned users in the 3D printing community.

They actively utilize this shared information to inform their own Research and Development projects. The improvement of 3D printing capabilities and user experience is so collaborative their entire Research and Development folder is open in their online forum for input, testing, feedback and ideas.

“The biggest thing about us that we’re the most proud of,” explains Harris Kenny in a recent interview with, “Is that we’re a totally Libre or Open Source hardware company. What that means is we take Open Source hardware very seriously.”

That commitment to free and open design means the printer you purchase comes with all the specs and tech information that you need to add on and/or customize the printer.

From re-printing any of the 43 replacement parts to extending the print bed and adding LED lights, the design of the printer itself can be changed, modified and even expanded with complete freedom. Many users even share their improvements and modifications in the online forum so others can do the same.

If you love the idea of a printer that can be modified and want to support a company dedicated to open design and collaborative development, the TAZ is the versatile desktop 3D printer from LulzBot.

LulzBot Taz 4 Add-Ons

Currently at the recently released TAZ 4 rendition, development and collaboration has led to a TAZ 4 3D printer that is user friendly and has improved capabilities to supply more precise prints.

With this new release, one of the key improvements you’ll see with the TAZ 4 is the dual extruder add-on which allows users to print with two different types of filament at once.

The TAZ also features sixth generation technology, includes the extruder fan so you don’t need to add one yourself, and has an increased power supply from previous models.

By breaking down the barriers of technological development and opening the conversation, Aleph Objects, Inc. and LulzBot have merged the great ideas of printing enthusiasts and the feedback of curious clients into a 3D Desktop Printer that could answer your 3D printing needs.


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