Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer Review

7.5 Okay

Cheap 3D printers don't have the best reputation, but Kingroon hopes to change that with their $150 Aluminum DIY Kit. This printer aims to bring some high-end features to the barebones budget 3D printing category, but does it succeed? Find out if this printer is an awesome value or a hard pass in today's Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer review.

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Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer Review Basics

This is a simple printer with simple specs. The most impressive thing about the Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer is the print volume, which measures 7” W x 7” D x 7” H. That’s quite a bit larger than the Monoprice Select Mini, which costs more but shares the same design. From there, however, things get basic. Layer heights range from 100-400-microns up to 100-microns and filament options include PLA, PETG, or TPU. Print results are lackluster but can be made better with upgrades or by tinkering with advanced slicer settings. On that note, you may use any slicer with the Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer. It comes with Cura.

This printer includes a heated print bed with a removable metal build platform for easy removal of finished projects. Even though this printer includes a heated bed, we don’t recommend the use of ABS.

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Interfacing with the Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer is made pretty easy thanks to a small 2.5” touchscreen and your choice of SD card or USB connectivity. It’s nice that this printer offers multiple ways to connect given its inexpensive price.

Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer Review Pros

Flexible Metal Build Platform

The Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer includes a very handy removable, flexible, magnetic build platform. This makes it much easier to remove your prints from the bed and the textured surface helps models adhere better to the build plate. This is a pleasantly surprising addition to find on a printer this affordable with with such a relatively large build plate.

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Easy Assembly

Later in this review we don’t recommend that children attempt to assemble the Kingroon DIY printer. That’s not because the task is difficult, though. In fact, assembly takes less than 20 minutes, leveling and all. Don’t let the DIY tag fool you- the Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer Kit comes in just 3 pieces and hardly needs instructions to build.

Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer Review Cons

NOT Good for Children

We wouldn’t normally mention this, as it should be obvious that the Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer is unsafe for children, but the company advertises the machine as “kid friendly”. This is absolutely untrue. None of the heating elements are enclosed, there’s external wiring, and assembly shouldn’t be attempted by anyone under 13. If you want a cheap printer for young children, check out the da Vinci Mini or da Vinci Mini Maker.


Again, despite what Kingroon themselves will tell you, this printer is not suited to print with ABS out of the box. For ABS, you need to install a parts fan for the build plate to help cool your models as they print. PLA, TPU, and PETG all print well from the Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer, but as always it takes some experimentation to get the right settings.

Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer Review Verdict

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At around $150, you get what you pay for with the Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer. There’s no storage for the PSU, the frame comes in three simple pieces and there’s limited filament compatibility. Print isn’t great either, even if you just stick to PLA. Still, there are some items to write home about with the Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer. We like the removable magnetic build plate, the touch screen, and the assisted bed leveling system. These features bring the overall value of this printer up. As one of the cheapest 3D printers on the market today, we honestly expected a lot less. If you’re a beginner with a suffocatingly tight budget, the Kingroon DIY Aluminum Printer is a good option. We recommend, however, saving a bit more for the likes of the Ender 3 or Longer LK4.


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