How Home 3D Printing Works


Understanding how home 3D printing works is easy. You wont need a lot of equipment and you don’t need a deep technical understanding of the process. You will need a CAD (Computer-aided design) file, and of course, a 3d printer. These are the 2 things you need to print physical objects from the internet.

You can buy your 3D printer online.  My current favorite is the MakerBot Replicator 2. It is easy to use, reliable, and has a stylish design. I recommend that you at the very least consider this model.

3D printing is quickly growing in popularity. As this happens, a growing number of retailers are now in the process of adding these printers alongside traditional 2D document printers on their store shelves. With that said, by far the best selection you will find is still online.

How home 3d printing works

3D printable CAD files are easy enough to find. One of the most popular sites out there to find these types of files is Grabcad.

Grabcad is Free 3D CAD library that allows users to upload and download CAD files for printing. This site has an easy to use interface and there are tons of quality CAD files free to download and print for you to find.

Once you have have the hardware and software, the hard part is over. After that the process is almost as simple as printing a traditional 2D document.

Lisa Harouni did a great TED talk discussing how this technology will impact our homes and manufacturing practices. Lisa also goes into some detail of how the processes of rapid prototyping are allowing manufacturers to produce products more efficiently. If you want to learn more about this revolutionary technology, watch the video below.

How Will Home 3D Printing Help You?

If you like living in the future, then you’ll love having this technology in your home. Essentially these machines will allow you to manufacture products in the comfort of your home. Currently the technology can’t produce the components needed in many of today’s electronics. So you aren’t able to purchase, download, and print your new iPhone today, but experts believe that this will one day be how the majority of us purchase products.

Even with the current limitations on home 3D printing, there are many benefits to having a 3D printer in your home. Here are just a few things you can make:

  • Replacement Parts for Household Items
  • Art
  • Dishware
  • Cellphone Cases
  • Toys

These is just a few examples of what people are printing at home today. You can find CAD files for many more everyday household items online.

The Future of Home 3D Printing

Of course this is a relatively new consumer technology, and we don’t fully understand how it will affect our day-to-day lives. Yet, there is no arguing that soon families around the world will rely on their 3D printers to create household necessities on a daily basis.

There is no disputing that this technology will change all of our lives. having the power previously reserved for large manufactures at your fingertips is nothing short of amazing. Home 3D printing promises to give you that power.



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