Sides of the print getting distorted

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    megatron on #1758

    Hi there

    I have been trying to print a samll sample which has flat sides. On completion of the print I have noticed that the base has risen up a little bit. Is this normal, I want the base to be flat, flush to the surface. Any tips on how to avoid it?

    Genie on #1870

    Hello Megatron

    The symptoms stated by you are seen when the layers cool down unevenly. Because of difference in temperatures, the model can curl out or shrink in. The solution to this problem is to use a Raft. Raft is a part added beneath the model. It separates the model and preheated build plate. Raft is so built that it can be easily removed from the model, leaving the base intact. This separation helps in reducing the temperature differences, thereby saving your model from distortion

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