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    Anonymous on #1811

    In my printer guide says to reset the machine origin Rapman must be homed. What is a 3D printer’s machine origin? What does it signify and where is it used?. Is this some position where the extruder rests initially?

    Genie on #1916

    Hello Elven

    Before we understand 3D printer’s machine origin, let us understand how 3D printers work. 3D printers deposit or extrude plastic at predetermined points in space. These points in space are identified using a Cartesian 3 Co-ordinate system of (x,y,z), with each value representing the position on respective axis. These values are relative to what is called an origin and is represented as (0,0,0).

    Printer’s machine origin is its reference point from where all the 3 co-ordinates would be calculated. The G-code, G28, takes the values of the machine’s 3 axes back to origin. On receiving this command, all the three axes immediately move to origin with as much speed as then can, till such time they almost reach the zero end stops. Near around the zero end stops , they slow down and slowly reach the zero activation points. This process is called homing. Hence in order to reset the origin, your Repman needs to be homed.

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