Best Bushings for 3D printers

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    Rjaedel on #1813

    My printer makes a lot of noise. That got me into reading about bearings and bushings.What are Igus bushings? What are the best kinds of bushings for my printer so that I can have as much as less sound as possible.

    Genie on #1917

    Hi Rjaedel

    Igus bushings are plastic bushings manufactured by a company called Igus. Metal bearings have lubricant inside them. This lubricant is drawn out when the bearings start to rotate, forming a thin film over the ball bearings. The greater the speed, higher the lubrication. Hence at slower speeds the lubrication is not effective. In the case of plastic bushings, they are manufactured using thermoplastics, which have a solid lubricant embedded inside them. When the movement starts, the lubricant is released, thereby lowering the friction. Since the material utilized is plastic, the bushings are resistant to corrosion and are resistant to higher forces exerted on them. With regards to best bushings, plastic bushings are definitely more silent than the metal ones.

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