Problems in 3D scan

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    megatron on #1784

    Hello there

    We have been doing 3D scans of small statues at our lab, we are noticing a lot of missing parts in the scan. Also certain parts of the statue are deformed. I think this must be a general problem with 3D scanning. But the real question here is, how to solve these problems, Any suggestions?

    Genie on #1906

    Hi Megatron

    With any general 3D scan, it is very normal to see certain errors creeping into the scan. There are indeed few suggestions for your problem.

    (a) Interpolation: Most of the 3D software interpolate data to fill the missing parts. But, interpolated data would never be as good as the original. So, we can help the software to interpolate data nearer to the original model by increasing the sample rate. This can be done by supplying it data from more number of perspectives.

    (b) Lighting conditions. Since 3D scanning involves lasers and rendering of images, it very important to ensure that lighting conditions are appropriately maintained. Please refer to your user manual for the conditions best suited for your scanner

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