Printer is Shaking

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    Anonymous on #1835

    I have recently bought a Replicator maker bot 2X . I observe that at times my printer shakes a lot. Is this behaviour normal or is the machine indicating any faulty parts. What can be done to rectify this issue?

    Genie on #1842

    Hi Griffin,

    Shaking of a machine is observed either due to faulty stepper motors in the axis or due to printing at higher speeds. Since you have mentioned that your printer is relatively new, you must be printing at higher speeds. Though you can print at higher speeds, prior to doing so you need to enable acceleration settings. You can navigate to this setting through the LCD panel by navigating to Info and settings > General Settings > Accelerate.

    Another point to note is , that this setting is by default in “ON” mode. If you have set it to ” OFF” mode you should not print above the speed of 40mm/sec.

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