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    Anonymous on #1793


    I am interested in purchasing a 3D printer. But before buying one, I wanted to know of any model which has both a 3D scanner as well as a 3D printer. Much like the normal printers and scanner combination which are available off the shelf. Can you recommend a model to me?

    thanks in advance

    Genie on #1910

    Hi Elven

    The printer you are searching for, is called an All in one 3D printer. The good news is that today, one has choice compared to an year ago when XYZ printer Da Vinci 1.0 AIO was the only one. You can read a complete review about this product here. Then there is one more model from Zeus and one from Indiegogo called the Blacksmith Genesis which is about to be released. All in one 3D printers are a reality today. The 3D printers are slowly graduating towards 3D copiers where one needs to place a model in the scanner to be replicated without any process or manual intervention in between.

    With regards to recommendation of a model for purchase, please follow our review section where all the features are analyzed to make an informed choice.

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