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    michael101 on #1752


    I have read on the MakerBot 3D printer site that the fifth generation printer have a resolution of 100 microns. That said, what would be the maximum thickness of layer it can print. For straightforward jobs, would it not be suitable to have a high thickness, e.g. a cube.

    Genie on #1796

    Hello Michael

    Your question sounds logically correct, but presents difficulties when implemented practically.

    Firstly the yearning for thinner and finer resolutions exists because, the prints with fine resolution give a very good finish. For example if one opts for higher thickness level you would find that the surface would be coarse and layers more noticeable.

    Some printers allow you to adjust the Z axis thickness. So thinner the layer, the more time it takes to print, but at the same time more smoother in appearance. So it is a kind of trade off between time taken to print and fineness of the print.

    Coming to the maximum thickness of a layer, it will be the diameter of the nozzle of your extruder. For thicker prints opt for a nozzle with higher diameter.

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