Ambient Temperature

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    Anonymous on #1783

    Hello there,

    I was told that ambient temperature too is important for overall build quality. How does ambient temperature affect the build quality? Is its affect major or minor? What are the solutions for this factor of the build quality?

    Genie on #1897

    Hi Angela

    Some of the most common problems encountered during 3D printing are curling and warping. Both these problems occur due to the difference in cooling down of layers, where the lower layers cool down faster than the upper ones. Ambient temperature, if unregulated, compounds these problems. Therefore ambient temperature is an important factor for overall build quality.

    Solutions for problems due to ambient temperature include enclosing the build plate in a housing, so that the ambient temperature does not vary rapidly, placing the 3D printer away from the windows or air conditioning to avoid drafts of wind upsetting the ambient temperature and lastly, maintaining ambient temperature as specified by the manufacturer of the plastic filament used for your print.

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