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    Anonymous on #1790

    Hello there

    I have read that parts of 3D printers can be printed by the 3D printer itself. However i have not seen any specifications given in the documents I have received with my printer. What is the material that has to be used for longevity and secondly what should be the fill density for such parts?

    Genie on #1908

    Hi Angela

    Parts for most of the printers are available for download from the manufacturer’s site themselves. For both Makerbot and RepRap printers, one can download STL files for most of the parts. Check out the notes section in Thingiverse for recommended infill. However, for maximum strength and durability you can increase your infill up to 100 %. With respect to choice of material, you can always choose ABS over PLA as it is more stronger than the latter.

    Check out the 3D printer parts on Thingiverse here

    Check out the 3D printer parts for RepRap printer here

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