Flexible 3D Printed Fashion


3D Printing has made its way into many fields and one of the fields it is creating ripples in, right now, is the Fashion industry. In today’s post, let us dive into 3D Printing Fashion and the making of 3D Printed outfits while taking a close look at Danit Peleg’s 3D Printed Fashion collection. Danit Peleg completed her degree in fashion from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel.

3D Printing Fashion Collection

Danit has worked for the past year to create an ensemble of 3D printed outfits. It took her 9 months of research and each outfit takes around 400 hours to print. Danit’s collection is the first 3D printed fashion collection manufactured using ‘Home 3D printers.’

3D Printed Fabric

It is important that the fabric is flexible, breathable or porous and should feel comfortable on contact. Commonly available 3D Printer filaments, such as PLA and ABS, do not lend themselves for fabric design. Danit understands that this was a bottleneck and has used a different type of filament called FilaFlex, which is not only flexible but also strong at the same time.

3D Printed Fabric

3D Printed Fabric Texture

A fabric’s texture is a result of its being a mesh of threads. A fabric could be of either knitted, woven or non-woven, with each of these types having unique features and properties. Danit has used “Mesostructured Cellular Material” designed by ‘Andreasbastian’, to introduce different textures to 3D Printed fabric.

The Mesostructured Cellular material can take the shape of the curves of your body, similar to how cloth clings to or hangs over the curves of your body.

3D Printed Mesometric Cellular Structures

3D Printing Fashion Accessories

No fashion collection or wardrobe is complete without an assortment of accessories to choose from. Though printing accessories can be tricky. There are a wide range of designs available on the sites such Thingiverse.com. Designs of cuffs, ear-rings, pendants and all the sorts of unimaginable trinkets can be found on these sites.

Along with accessories, one thing that completes and complements an outfit is the footwear. The FilaFlex filament was introduced to manufacture 3D printed footwear by Recreus. Recreus even allows you download free designs for sneakers.

3D Printed Nike Vapor Sports Shoe

3D Printed Outfit Consumers

3D Printed Fashion is not complete without the mention of its consumers. Any product innovation in the end is always driven by the consumers. The 3D printed outfits have been on the Haute Couture ramps for a while now. However, they are yet to be adopted on the streets as a part of regular wear. This can occur only with more innovation in 3D filaments and affordable 3D printers.


From headgear to footwear, from long gowns to bikini, from jackets to chainmail everything can now be 3D printed. “Just imagine, if you are cold print your own jacket! Travelling with no luggage, just print your clothes in the hotel room!” exclaims, Danit Peleg of, indicating the future of 3D Printed Fashion. I think Danit has summed it up beautifully for us.


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