Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer: In Full Detail


Flashforge hit the 3D printing scene with the top selling, highest rated, most positively reviewed 3D printer on Amazon – the Creator. Since their start in 2011 they have further developed the Creator line of 3D printers and introduced the Creator X as well as launched the Dreamer line of 3D printers.

Whether you are new to the world of 3D printing and want a complete, easy to use 3D printer package to start, or you are a serious Maker with a lot of experience and a desire to tinker with your bot, one of these two lines of printers may be a good fit for you.

Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer

The Dreamer series is fully integrated with a set user interface, firmware and hardware that functions cohesively and cannot be changed. For new users, the Dreamer can get them into the 3D printing world and experiencing the fun and excitement of the industry without overwhelming them with options or modifications.

Flashforge Dreamer 3D printer features

The platform on the Dreamer is built to eliminate printing deformities by being made out of aluminum and the Dreamer also prints both PLA and ABS filaments. These features help beginners use, discover and successfully begin their 3D printing projects.

Flashforge Creator X 3D Printer

The Creator 3D printer series, on the other hand, is Open Source. Users are able to modify the hardware and firmware to their liking. This provides experienced users with a lot of control and flexibility to produce the prints they desire, even if the machine has to be altered to do it.

The Creator X doesn’t limit users to a set slicing software meaning that software needs can meet printing demands and what works best for users. For those with experience and know-how, this flexibility is key in taking your prints to the next level.

Customer Focused 3D Printing

Besides offering two customer-minded lines of 3D printers, Flashforge focuses on being available for buyers to call, email and connect with questions and feedback. With 3D printing being such a new technology, that is a great feature to be offering to users who may have questions, ideas, or experiences worth sharing.

“We consider ourselves to be one of the few 3D printer brands out there today that offer excellent service,” says Peter Hsaio, the Marketing of Flashforge USA, in a recent interview with BotNexus.com, “We offer three month phone support and lifetime email support . . . It gives us a chance to help out our customers.”

In addition to phone and email access, their Google Group Forum and upcoming social media presence are all focused on creating conversation and connecting with customers.

This approach and these platforms allow Flashforge to help educate and make 3D printing more accessible to new users. As they say, “So you can successfully turn your big ideas into physical realities.”

If you are in the market for a 3D printer that has an affordable price tag, lifetime support and can get you started creating, try the Dreamer series from Flashforge. If you are already printing and dreaming, become a creator with the Creator series and take it to the next level with customization and modifications you control.


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