Flashforge Creator X Review


Flashforge Creator X 3D Printer Review Results

8.0 Great

The Flashforge Creator X is definitely a step up from the original wood framed Creator 3D Printer. The new design allows for higher levels of precision and durability.

  • Printing Speed 7.5
  • Build Size 6.5
  • Precision 8.5
  • Value 8
  • Design 9
  • User Experience 8.5

The Wolverine, the latest iteration of the Creator, by Flashforge, is on sale now. If you’ve already purchased one, March—the month of earliest estimated delivery—cannot come soon enough. If you’re more cautious, skeptical, or just hadn’t heard of the new addition to the Flashforge line until now, read on for a quick pre-release review.

Flashforge Creator X Review Highlights

The Pros

Closed Side Panels

One of the most notable changes during the Flashforge Creator X review in this second generation printer is the new exterior casing. Unlike the original Creator, which had large, open windows on either side, this model features side-panels that are almost entirely closed, with the exception of a few, very small, cutouts. This is great for preserving heat and insulating sound created by the printer.

Heating Plate

If you’ve seen the ad for the Creator X, you must have read about the “precise casting aviation heating plate,” that this new model features. At 6.3mm thick, the heated build surface is certainly thicker than its original counterpart, which will make it more resilient to warping under high heat.


The Creator X features a sturdy, steel chassis, which will reduce shaking at higher speeds. This combined with the changes made to help stabilize the functionality of the y and z-axes, like added corner fittings and a three-point leveling system, provide greater ease of use, overall.

Flashforge Creator X review

This 3D printer will also feature a dual extruder, which, let’s face it, is totally awesome for printing with two different colors. And with the new strip of LED lights, which illuminate the interior, you’ll be able to appreciate the construction process more clearly than ever.

Start Up & LCD Display

Speaking of ease of use, the printer requires only minor assembly and adjustments. Once that’s done, you can take one of the included spools of filament (ABS or PLA) and start experimenting.

If you don’t have any designs on hand, just try one of the sample files included in the 4GB SD card. The 4×20 character LCD display will guide your through the set up process, and allow you to easily read the status of your print.

The Cons

Navigation Buttons

The new control panel for the Creator X is more streamlined, which may look nice, but when it comes down to function, it is more difficult to use. The buttons are hard to press, and it is harder to note when a command has been successfully initiated, based on tactile feedback.

SD Card Reader

One final con found during the Flashforge Creator X review is the positioning of the SD card reader. As opposed to a reader that allows the card to be inserted horizontally, shielding it from debis, this reader lies vertically, and is positioned very close to the print area, meaning that debris from your prints could easily find their way into your reader and cause problems with the reading mechanism and your overall ability to use the feature.

The Flashforge Creator X Review Verdict

Intrigued by the next generation Creator? Surprisingly enough, Flashforge has put this 3D printer on the market at a mere $100 more that the original. The Flashforge Creator X review process went very smoothly. In addition to Windows, it also works with OSX and Linux systems.


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