Flashforge Creator 3D Printer Review


Flashforge Creator 3D Printer Review Results

7.3 Good

The Flashforge Creator is a great open source 3D Printer, but it comes with a slightly higher learning curve.

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  • Printing Speed 7.5
  • Build Size 6
  • User Experience 8
  • Value 7.5
  • Design 7
  • Precision 8

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3D printing is quickly becoming more popular in the consumer space, which is due to the fact that 3D printers are quickly becoming more affordable. The Flashforge Creator 3D printer is one of the printers that is helping with this 3D printing revolution. Here is our Flashforge Creator 3D printer review!


The Flashforge 3D printer is one of the most popular 3D printers on the market in this price range. In this Flashforge Creator 3D printer review you’ll see why the amazing price isn’t all that it has going for it. It has excellent specifications as well.

It comes with a 225 x 145 x 150 mm print envelope, and can build an object of about 5 liters. It has a 24 cc/hour flow rate, and a 0.4mm nozzle. It also brings with it a dual-extruder set up, which allows you to print and remove the material mix in an easier fashion.


The Flashforge Creator 3D printer is an based on open source technology, which means that it supports many of the open source 3D printer software suites on the market. It supports MakerBot’s 7.2 firmware, and can handle Makerware and .X3G file types. Users can use an open source software called ReplicatorG for controlling the scale and position of the .STL files.

User Experience

It wasn’t too long ago that if you wanted a 3D printer for your home or office, you would have to buy a kit and assemble it yourself.

The Flahsforge Creator 3D printer comes fully assembled, and also come fully calibrated. All you have to do when you get it home is to install 3D software on to your computer, and get designing.

It does require frequent maintenance between projects. All support is an on-your-own type of thing, which means any repairs or upgrades are up to you. Luckily there is a lot of support online for this machine, which is based on the open source Replicator 1 design from Makerbot.

As most 3D printer enthusiasts are unafraid of a bit of do-it-yourself work, the maintenance and upgrades that are require in between projects on the Flashforge 3D printer won’t be of much bother.


The Flashforge Creator 3D printer comes in at about half the price of similar printers from Makerbot and others.

Versus The Competition

The Makerbot Replicator 2 is the most popular 3D printer on the market, but it comes with a bigger price tag. The Makerbot Replicator 2 is more visually appealing with a stylish exterior, and is US made. The Flashforge 3D printer on the other hand is completely open source, made in China, and half the cost of the Replicator2.

There are other 3D printers on the market around this price range, but none of them come with these specs for this price.
Flashforge Creator 3D printer review specs

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Flashforge Creator 3D Printer Review Conclusions

If you’re looking for a great 3D printer, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, the Flashforge 3D printer is a great starting point. It does require some hands on maintenance, but most consumer 3D printers do these days, so that shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

It is an excellent entry-level 3D printer that offers dual extruders, a heated build plate and the ability to print with ABS and PLA materials. With a great community and a great price, you can’t go wrong. We hope you enjoyed reading this Flashforge Creator 3D Printer Review!


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