Dremel Idea Builder vs FlashForge Dreamer


Shopping for a 3D printer? These two options are among the top choices in the lineup. Find out what each the Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer and the FlashForge Dreamer 3D Printer have to offer, as they face off in this comparison.

Dremel Idea Builder vs Flashforge Dreamer

Dremel Idea Builder Specs (full review)

This 3D printer weighs in at a relatively light 19 pounds and 8 oz. It measures 15.7 inches high, 19.1 inches wide, 13.2 inches deep. Using a 3.5 inch full IPS touch screen, you can create designs from.OBJ or .STL files using only the Dremel 1.75mm PLA filaments.

Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer

The maximum build volume is 9 inches wide x 5.9 inches deep x 5.5 inches high and it can build at a speed of 3 to 4 3/4 inches per second. It also allows a SD Card to hold up to 32 GB in memory, in addition to 4 GB of internal on board memory.

FlashForge Dreamer Specs (full review)

Now for the FlashForge Dreamer, it measures in at 19.1 inches by 13.2 inches by 15.8 inches and weighs 23.2 pounds. This 3D printer also hosts a 3.5’ IPS touchscreen which comes with multi language functionality.

It has built in storage like the Dremel, with 4GB internal and space for a 32 GB memory card and allows for the same maximum sized models at 9 x 5.” x 5.5 inches What differs with the FlashForge is its support of multiple types of filaments including ABS, PLA and PVA and the speed ranges from 1 1/4” to 7 1/2 “inches per second (depending on the filament used).

This printer is compatible with Windows and MAC, runs the Flashprint software and is not compatible with Linux.

Construction and Compatibility Features Comparison

The Dremel has some great features in its build, most notably its light size. Other features include an active cooling fan, removable build platform, onboard software and full color IPS touchscreen. You will enjoy the 100 micro build resolution, a preinstalled single extruder and a fully enclosed workspace. It also allows for adjusting the printing platform with 3 dials to shift up or down. Lastly, its connectivity is via SD card or USB cable.

The FlashForge has a dual extruder which opens up many additional possibilities while printing, such as printing two jobs at once, printing with two different colors and printing with two types of filaments.

It also offers a fully enclosed workspace to protect the print from temperature or particle interference. Also, enjoy a fashionable look with the FlashForge’s plastic alloy body. Lastly, this printer steps up the connectivity with WI-FI compatibility in addition to the USB and SD card.

Idea Builder VS Dreamer 3D Printer Which is better?

To be fair, both of these are quality 3D printers. Which you decide on depends on the amount of money you want to spend, what you will be printing and your tastes. The Dremel Idea and FlashForge both have touchscreens, SD and USB connectivity and a similar size. However, if you are looking for Wi-Fi compatibility, more printing flexibility, faster printing, multiple supported filament types and a fashionable look, the FlashForge Dreamer 3D Printer is the one for you.


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