Creality LD002R Review

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Known throughout the 3D printing world for their FDM printers, Creality have only just begun dabbling in SLA technology. It may have started with the LD-001 but the LD002R is the company’s newest SLA flagship product. How does the LD002R compare to the LD001 and can it compete with other budget SLA printers like the ELEGOO Mars or Anycubic Photon? Find out in today’s Creality LD002R review.

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Creality LD002R Review Basics

Out of the box, the LD002R looks and feels like a solid machine. The base, resin vat, and build plate are all metal while the cover is made of totally transparent orange plastic. This is a nice upgrade from the LD-001, which offered just a front-facing view of your work. And, unlike the LD-001, the LD002R’s top is totally removable. This makes retrieving your finished models and performing vat maintenance much easier.

3D-принтер Creality LD-002R

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Build volume has gotten a bit larger, too, with the LD002R sporting a 4.6” W x 2.5” D x 6.3” H print area. That adds almost 2-inches to the Z-axis height compared to the LD-001 and is bigger than or on par with most printers in this price range. Print speed is very swift, with a recommended 4s exposure time per layer via 30W light source. Of course, the LD002R uses a standard 2K resolution masking screen, though models come out with better accuracy with the help of included anti-aliasing software.

Speaking of software, the LD002R supports and includes ChiTuBox. This widely respected software is the slicer of choice for many SLA makers. Perfect for both beginners and experts, choosing ChiTuBox was a smart move by Creality.

Finally, the LD002R takes USB only, but allows you to print directly from a thumbdrive without needing to connect to a computer. It’d be nice to see the includions of SD compatibility but this shouldn’t be an issue for most users.

Creality LD002R Review Pros

User-Friendly Features

SLA printing isn’t always the easiest process, especially when it comes to reclaiming resin and post-processing models. That’s why quality-of-life features are so important in an SLA printer. The LD002R excels here, making you printing experience as painless as possible.

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To start, the included ChiTuBox software is easy to learn and the 3.5” touchscreen located on the front of the machine is snappy and ultra responsive. This UI has been updated for the better since the days of the LD-001. From there, leveling your bed is a 30-second process and you’re ready to print! Once printing begins, the LD002R uses two air filters with activated charcoal to help significantly reduce the resin odor. We still don’t recommend putting this printer in your bedroom, but the filters still work very well.

Should you ever have trouble with your printer, Creality support is also dedicated to solving your issues. This is a company which will admit its own mistakes or happily help solve your troubleshooting issues.

Solid Construction

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The quality of this printer shouldn’t be ignored. Complete with an all-metal frame, including vat and build plate, the LD002R feels like a sturdy machine. Some cheap LCD printers feel flimsy and light, but the LD002R has all the rigidity of a metal FDM printer. That translates into a more controlled print environment and better overall results.

Creality LD002R Review Cons

Poor Documentation

The included documentation is not great. While setup is quick and easy, maintenance of an SLA printer is not common knowledge. We wish Creality included better documentation to teach beginners proper handling of resin, as well as how to properly maintain their printer. Luckily, all of this information is readily available with a Google search but Creality should still step up their game.

Creality LD002R Review Verdict

LD-002R Resin Printer – Tiny Machines 3D LLC

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Compared to their first foray into SLA printing, Creality have made some bold and positive choices in designing the LD002R. This printer is easier to use, features a larger build volume, and prints quickly with high accuracy. We especially like the activated-carbon filters, sturdy metal body and updated UI. These small details add up to a quality printer that feels like a spiffy piece of future technology.

Smartly, the LD002R is competitively priced against popular options like the Anycubic Photon and ELEGOO Mars. Although the LD002R is a bit more expensive, it’s clear that the extra money went into quality parts and thoughtful construction. Overall, we’re happy with the direction Creality’s SLA printing efforts have taken. This is a dependable printer improves upon Creality’s old technology and compares favorably to existing competition.


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