Afinia 3D Printer H-Series Review


Afinia H-Series 3D Printer Review Results

7.0 Good

The Afinia H-Searies 3D printer comes with a smaller build size, but makes up for the with affordability and versatility.

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  • Printing Speed 5.5
  • Build Size 6.5
  • User Experience 8
  • Value 8
  • Design 7

Consumer 3D printers are quickly becoming more and more accessible to enthusiasts on a budget. The Afinia 3D printer H-Series is one of the leading consumer 3D printers that sell for less than $2000. That makes it one of the most accessible 3D printers on the market. It is also one of the most precise printers in this price range. Here is our Afinia 3D Printer H-Series review!


The Afinia 3D printer H-Series comes with a 140 x 140 x 135 mm build envelope, which puts it right in line with the competition at this price point. It can print using both ABS and PLA materials, which is also right in line with the rest of the market. ABS materials means you can print both precisely and inexpensively.

It comes with a build platform of 5 cubic inches, which is a little smaller than some other printers in this price range, but is still competitive. The printer also comes with almost every tool you need to interact with the printer and your objects. It also comes with some material, which is great for those people who just can’t wait to get started.


The software that comes with the H-Series is what you’d expect from a consumer 3D printer.

It focuses on print options, and ease of use. It could, however, be much more intuitive.

If you’re not familiar with 3D printers and the software that comes with them, you might have a hard time navigating and figuring out the H-Series software. As for the printer, it accepts standard .STL 3D files.
Afinia H-Series 3D printer review

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User Experience

The overall user experience during the Afinia 3D Printer H-Series Review was pretty good, at least for a printer in this price range. It requires some know-how to assemble, so be prepared for that when you open the box. The objects you print are also a little rougher around the edges with the Afinia 3D printer H-series than with competing printers.

Most users have to put in some work post-print to get their objects looking finished. The printer is also a bit unfinished, with some of the printer are actually binder clips, which are functional, but make the printer seem much less professional than it actually is.


The Afinia 3D printer H-Series is reasonably priced, and is much cheaper than some other printers with similar envelopes. It is priced on Amazon less than $1599. Other retailers online have sold it for around that price as well.

Versus The Competition

The main competition for the Afinia 3D Printer H-Series is the MakerBot Replicator2. The Replicator2 is much more professional looking, and has stronger and more intuitive software. It also has a bigger build platform and envelope. The objects that it prints are also much more finished looking than the Afinia. It is however 200-400 dollars more expensive than the Afinia printer.

Other printers that have similarly sized build platforms are slightly cheaper, like the 3D Systems Cube, which comes in at less than $1300. That printer has a larger maximum layer height, at 200 microns.

Afinia 3D Printer H-Series Review Conclusion

At less than $1600, the Afinia 3D Printer H-Series is a good entry level printer with some drawbacks. If the extra work you have to do on your 3D objects, and the unfinished nature of the printer itself, don’t bother you, then this printer is a great place to start. Thank you for reading this Afinia 3D Printer H-series review.

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