5 Reasons You Should Buy a 3D Printer


Home 3D printer technology is improving and the number of items you can create expanding. Thanks to dual-extruders, open source design and multiple type of filament, access to both functional and fun items is just a print away.

If you are considering purchasing a 3D printer, here are a few reasons we think you should go ahead and make the leap:

1 – Rapid Prototyping made Accessible

Do you or your business have an item to prototype? The 3D printing process is a convenient way to print a prototype, test, alter, and print the next version as you fine-tune your design. Since it all happens right in your own space, you eliminate the time it would take for a far away manufacturer to make your prototype and all the time of costly revisions as you perfect your creation.

Working Protoype of 5 Speed Toyota Engine

2 – Practical, Customized Household Items

3D printers can give you the ability to make practical, customized household items when you need them. No trips to the store or limiting options based on what they carry. With plans from MakerBot’s open source Thingiverse, you can easily have a citrus juicer, customized garden signs, or anything you can imagine and design in just the time it takes to print.

Citrus Fruit Juicer

3 – Access to Interesting Items Not on the Market

Your design program or the open source designs that are available with your 3D printer can give you access to new ideas and items that aren’t yet available anywhere else. With shared designs or a little tinkering you can create the item you were looking for without leaving home. Want an example? How about this Swiss Army inspired SD Card holder currently up on Thingiverse.

3D Printed Swiss Army Style SD Holder

4 – Technology to Play With

Since 3D printing is still a new (albeit rapidly developing) concept when it comes to home use, one of the major benefits is for techies who love to play with technology. Open Source printers will even allow you to modify, test and build your own version of a 3D printer, which is enticing for a lot of makers. Forums and discussions online expand the uses of the 3D printer and lead to the fuhrther development of the technology. If this sounds like the type of community you want to be a part of, 3D printing is for you!

3D Printer

5 – Sitting on the Cutting Edge

Whether it is being able to print your own jewelry pieces and shoes, or you are working on prototype that needs development, 3D printing at your home or office gives you the ability to stay on the cutting edge. Your creativity will reach new heights as you are able to create, alter, test and produce at your own pace. Grab a hold of this technology today so you can make and create tomorrow.

Find your 3D Printer

If you want more information and thorough reviews of the best 3D printers for your home, check out our 3D Printer Reviews and Versus sections. There you will find details about the printers you have seen and can compare them to see which one will best fit your uses and needs.


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